27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

Global Cyber Summit

ICE 2022

Global Cyber Summit

Global Cyber Summit


The Global Cyber Summit will look at the real cyber issues impacting us today. Each day will consist of a series of round table discussions, fireside chats and presentations, including high-level comment from the NCSC, police and intelligence professionals charged with understanding the real threats. This summit will give insights into the key areas needed to protect government, research, enterprise, and SMEs; cyber touches us all but this Summit will offer key insights and learnings for CISOs, board members and more.

We are working with our advisory council to create top-level cyber content programme. Find out more about the themes that will be covered below. Follow us on Social media for the latest updates.

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Key themes covered include

A major cyber issue has been the potential for cyber war and its possible impacts, especially as part of the Ukraine crisis. This will be examined in detail by national threat experts, but from a position of how it could impact businesses alongside what can and should be done to prepare for the possibility.

Threats don’t remain constant with threat vectors coming from unexpected sources, which have an impact in ways many don’t expect creating challenges in understanding the threat. The Summit will examine the development of the insider threat and look at the increased potential, and any mitigation caused, by the increase in people retuning to the office with systems they have been using for homeworking.

An area of particular concern is the growth of Ransomware; its developments, impacts and countermeasures. However, other threats such as DDoS and other Malware can’t be forgotten and will be considered.

Data security will feature heavily in the Summit, with data being the pot of gold many malign cyber actors are after. The legal responsibilities and landscape will be looked at in detail, tying in with the Online Harms Bill likely to be introduced to UK Parliament this year, and how this will alter the legal framework companies need to operate in.

This will be discussed in panels of CISOs, Cyber Experts and the country’s leading legal minds on cyber law and data protection. With European GDPR and the UK Data Protection regulations having such wide-reaching effect, this is the area that costs companies real money if they get it wrong, whilst the Online Harms Bill is what could see CEOs end up in prison.

Cyber is so much more than threats and data. The culture in a business is as important as technical solutions and linked to culture is diversity, critical to stopping what is referred to as "self-misinforming groupthink". This softer side of cyber training and education are critical, as is the promotion of STEM and inclusiveness, to open the function to as wide a section of the population as possible.

Mobile device security, a seldom examined area, will be explored given the inevitable BYOD return to office discussions. More of our business work is being done on mobile devices, but there is less of an emphasis on knowing what risk that could provide.

IoT endpoints through blockchain, including crypto enabled capabilities with the move to the metaverse, opportunities, risks, regulation and concerns, will again be examined in detail, as will the power of information, through insights from some of the world’s leading experts both presenting and participating in wider discussions.

Cyber is as much about education as it is monitoring, about IoT as it is storage, as much about embracing developing technologies such as blockchain, as it is regulation. All have their place, but what is that place? This will be explored throughout the two-day Global Cyber Summit.

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