27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022


ICE 2022


  • Do you feel that cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and where should responsibility for threat mitigation lie within an organisation? As technology becomes more sophisticated, so to do the ...
  • Which questions do you need to ask yourself when you search for a suitable encryption solution to protect your sensitive business files?

  • Baseline 3.0

    01 Oct 2021 Cyber Griffin

    Cyber Griffin is launching its new Baseline 3.0 on the 1st of October!


  • Ascentor will play a pivotal role supporting ARTEC to develop secure information technology components, for the next generation of BOXER Mechanised Infantry Vehicles. 

  • Leeds-based cybersecurity consultancy Pentest People has opened a new office in the Hub8 innovation space in Cheltenham. 

  • Leeds cyber security consultancy, Pentest People, has announced that it has launched a graduate recruitment programme and hired nine computer science graduates this month, in addition to taking on ten ...
  • Local cybersecurity consultancy, Pentest People, been named in the Digital Enterprise Top 100 list of the Leeds city region’s most resilient businesses that use digital technologies in the most innova ...
  • We understand the needs of government and corporate customers for monitoring and securing critical infrastructure, protecting your people and other valuable assets with ISR and UAS solutions.

  • Blog: What’s the Difference Between a Vulnerability Scan and a Pentest?

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    When tasked with securing an application there is a choice between an automated vulnerability scan and a pentest. When starting out, companies will often focus on automated testing/scanning procedures ...
  • Blog: 5 Cybersecurity Questions You Must Ask Yourself

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    What keeps you awake at night as a security professional? We believe that these five cybersecurity questions, if left unanswered, will develop into much larger issues.
  • Blog: The Unusual Cyber Attack Routes You Need to Consider

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    The threat of a standard cyber-attack is increasing by the day and businesses across the world need to be aware that it’s quickly become a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ an attack will happen. When it comes ...
  • Blog: Keeping Your Intellectual Property Secure

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    Your intellectual property is more valuable to your organisation than gold, so keeping it protected against cyber criminals and fraudsters should be taken very seriously. This blog highlights lessons ...
  • Blog: Are Unknown Devices the Way in to Your Organisation?

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    Forward-thinking businesses are embracing new tech with open arms. As a result, they’re seeing business efficiency, staff satisfaction, and profits soar, but what about when things go wrong? Your team ...
  • Blog: Protecting Your Business from a Supply Chain Attack

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    Supply chain attacks have evolved over time and as organisational supply chains increase, both in terms of size and complexity, they provide malicious threat actors with a myriad of opportunities in w ...
  • Blog: Supply Chain Security - Are Your Suppliers Secure?

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    With the ever-increasing connectivity of the world we live in, supply chain security has never been more crucial. We now have unrivalled choice when it comes to the products and services we use as ind ...
  • Blog: Hacking Back – Why It’s a Bad Idea

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    Let’s face it, cyber crime is never going away and there will always be someone out there looking to exploit people, breach company networks and expose government secrets. However, it has been suggest ...
  • Blog: Cybersecurity for SMEs

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    A record 657,790 new businesses were formed in the UK in 2016, and if you’ve taken the decision to go it alone, it’s an exciting time. You’re probably looking forward to getting your first customers, ...
  • Modern cyber-attacks can target a wide range of aspects of an organisation, so it’s critical to evaluate each aspect of your security program. A strong cybersecurity risk management plan will reduce y ...
  • Blog: Remote Working Security Lessons to Take into 2021

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    As 2020 draws to a close, we’re probably not the only ones looking forward to kissing this year goodbye. As your organisation looks to the future, make sure you factor security into your plans for 202 ...
  • Blog: Introducing Our New Security Training Courses

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    In the new year, we’re launching a hands-on training service that will help you learn more about offensive security. Let us train you to develop your cybersecurity knowledge by thinking like a hacker. ...
  • Blog: New Year, New Cybersecurity Threat? …Not Exactly

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    For a lot of us, 2020 felt like it was never going to end, but now that unprecedented year is finally behind us, what does the future hold for us in terms of security? Is there a new cybersecurity thr ...
  • Blog: Deepfakes - Harmless Fun or Serious Security Threat?

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    Machine learning has been utilised in many different ways, but one use we probably didn’t see coming is face swap type video filters. Deepfake technology is becoming more accessible and more advanced, ...
  • Blog: Will Your Business Embrace Remote Working Post-Lockdown?

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    The government has just released its road map out of lockdown, but what does this mean for organisations and their staff? Will employees start returning to their offices, or is remote working here to ...
  • Blog: Ransomware - An Evolving Threat

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    Ransomware has been plaguing organisations (and filling the pockets of cybercriminals) for over 30 years now, but this type of malicious software is still on the rise. Let’s take a look at how ransomw ...
  • Blog: Ransomware - Protecting Your Business from an Evolving Enemy

    25 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    In our previous blog, we looked at the evolving threat of ransomware, so now let’s take a look at how to meet this threat head on. Here’s how to avoid becoming a threat actor’s next target, and what t ...
  • Blog: The Final Boss - Cyber-crime in Gaming

    23 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    From on-the-go mobile games, to VR and competitive e-sports, the gaming industry is booming. With progression comes a whole host of new challenges, and one that can’t be ignored is cybercrime in gamin ...
  • Blog: Cybersecurity for Charities: Is Your Non-Profit At Risk?

    23 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    Despite all the good they do, the non-profit sector is a prime target for cybercriminals, which is why cybersecurity for charities is so important. With an annual income of over £69 billion in 2019, a ...
  • Case Study: Non-Profit Sector Penetration Test

    23 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    We provided a pro bono penetration test to a charity that supports blind and partially sighted people. In this project, our consultants were able to identify a variety of vulnerabilities across multip ...
  • Case Study: Collaborative Penetration Test

    23 Aug 2021 Shauni Adekoya - Marketing Manager
    Secarma worked closely with a well-known management software provider to test the strength of their flagship application’s cybersecurity posture. Our experts carried out a collaborative penetration te ...
  • Attack Tree Analysis

    David Wiseman / Isograph
  • Andrea Pfundmeier founded the German IT security startup Secomba at the age of just 23. Today, 10 years later, she talks about the lessons she has learned and shares tips for aspiring female founders.

  • Threats have changed and the context within which most work takes place has changed. And if you understand that all behaviour is driven by context, then approaches to secure our people must adapt.

  • ThinkCyber have won techUK’s Cyber Innovator of the year 2021. An award that recognises the latest leading edge capabilities, selected from a range of innovative SMEs across the UK cyber eco-system.

  • CENSUS can assist both users and suppliers (OEMs, Tier-1 and Tier-2) of military systems to achieve secure usage, to improve security and eventually to reduce the applicable risks. Using the latest at ...
  • A Summary of the findings from a 3M sponsored Ponemon Institute Study “The Impact of the New Normal on Workplace Privacy: A Study of Business and IT Security Managers.”


  • The question of how long the ‘new normal’ will prevail is paramount: remote working raises many concerns around privacy, employee welfare and productivity; issues which will be discussed in the eBook.

  • Transcript: No company wants to put its business at risk. Indeed, we all strive for success, while continually trying to mitigate risk. The key to enabling this lies in protecting and preventing cyber ...
  • Fourth annual conference will bring together identity security experts from around the world to discuss trends and challenges in managing identity security in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

  • RevBits named within the top 25 Cyber Security companies of 2020.
  • RevBits today announced it was declared as a winner in six categories by the 2020 Golden Bridge Awards® that recognize the world’s top providers by their organizational performance, innovations, produ ...
  • RevBits names 'Top Cyber Security Solutions Provider.'
  • RevBits announces the general availability of its Cyber Intelligence Platform (“CIP”), an integrated solution that is designed to provide companies across the globe with unparalleled protection agains ...
  • Cybersecurity Solutions provider RevBits Wins Multiple Awards in the 9th Annual Global InfoSec Awards at #RSAC 2021 RevBits is proud to announce that it was the winner of the following award(s) from C ...
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  • RevBits Blogs

    Learn more about the ever changing cybersecurity attack vector with these data-driven blog posts
  • Advanced Threat Defense Certification Testing Report

    21 Jul 2021 ICSA Labs - independent testing authority for advanced threat detection
    ICSA Labs - independent testing authority for advanced threat detection. Results: Several months of advanced testing  demonstrated the superb efficacy in detection and response for RevBits Endpoint Se ...
  • Boxcryptor is a finalist in the category "A: Safety, IT & Cyber Security for Industry and Automation" in the readers' vote for the next GIT SECURITY AWARD.

  • The Boxcryptor Team decided to support schools in digitising and protecting the personal data of all school members. Schools will receive the encryption software Boxcryptor with a special discount.

  • In 2021, Boxcryptor celebrates its 10th anniversary. The company has successfully transformed from a startup to an established regional employer and looks back proudly on the past 10 years.

  • On 26 March, the UK government unveiled its Cyber Security Export Strategy. The Department for International Trade (DIT) created this strategy to help the United Kingdom capitalize on the world’s ever ...
  • Hacker attacks have increased massively in recent years, and there are almost daily reports of losses amounting to millions. Networks of established companies and corporations are being attacked and c ...
  • Connex brochure

    10 May 2021 Jørgen Andersen

    In most industries, mobile communication takes place on smartphones that operate on mobile and wireless networks.

  • The Cyber Outstanding Security Performance Awards (Cyber OSPAs) recognise and highlight outstanding performance by companies, people, products and initiatives across the cyber security sector globally.
  • What Does It Take to Be Smart?

    15 Mar 2021 Jacobs
    The term “smart” has been used for some time now to broadly describe the adoption of technology by a city or infrastructure owner. The expression has begun suffering from overuse, particularly where t ...
  • Cyber Security Model

    15 Mar 2021 Ascentor
    What? The Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP), comprising UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) representatives, 13 prime suppliers and defence industry trade bodies, was established in 2012 to improve ...
  • Cyber security review of 2020

    16 Feb 2021 Ascentor

    2020 wasn’t the first year where a virus emerged causing large scale disruption and opportunities for cybercrime. It was, however, the first time that the virus in question wasn’t created by cyber criminals. But that certainly didn’t stop them exploiting it.

    Our cyber security review of 2020 therefore has to start with how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted cyber crime and how the NCSC responded. We also include some of our content on the risks to homeworkers and SMEs, cover the creation of the National Cyber Force, of interest to the defence sector, and share new research on easy to guess passwords and data breaches. Different year, same old mistakes.

  • Our ExeonTrace Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform gives our customers a smart and innovative way to monitor the security of their networks, immediately detect cyber threats, and effectively ...
  • LTE broadband solutions

    16 Feb 2021 Leonardo
    In a world increasingly dependent on data we deliver professional LTE solutions bringing the level of functionality and reliability of current TETRA networks with complete integration capabilities.