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International Cyber Expo Joins Forces with The Zensory and Jamf to Spotlight the Importance of Wellbeing in Cybersecurity 

International Cyber Expo Joins Forces with The Zensory and Jamf to Spotlight the Importance of Wellbeing in Cybersecurity 

A dedicated, first-of-its-kind, ‘Cyber Wellbeing Corner’ will be on-site for visitors at the exhibition, as a space for cybersecurity professionals to relax and recalibrate.  

London, UK, 4th September, 2023 - Nineteen Group’s International Cyber Expo, an award-winning annual cybersecurity event - created by the community, for the community - today announces a dedicated Cyber Wellbeing Corner at this year’s show. The Cyber Wellbeing Corner is sponsored by Jamf, the standard in managing and securing Apple at work, and supported by popular wellbeing and productivity app The Zensory. The Cyber Wellbeing Corner, a space dedicated to the wellbeing of cybersecurity professionals, is the first of its kind for cybersecurity exhibitions globally.  

Cybersecurity professionals are the unsung heroes who safeguard our digital world, but that often comes with immense responsibility and stress. In fact, 91% of CISOs suffer from high stress and 60% feel that they rarely disconnect. Notably, over half of people within cybersecurity have experienced emotions such as depression or anxiety due to feeling overwhelmed at work. That’s why it’s crucial to provide safe, neuroinclusive decompression spaces, like The Cyber Wellbeing Corner, for professionals. 

Additionally, 20% of the country’s workforce is neurodiverse, which could mean that spaces like exhibitions are overwhelming, overstimulating and exhausting. With the cybersecurity industry striving to be more neuroinclusive, it’s important to make sure events, such as the International Cyber Expo, are as welcoming for all as possible. As such, within The Cyber Wellbeing Corner there will be a separate quiet decompression space, featuring sensory experiences, open to everyone. 

The Cyber Wellbeing Corner will be located within the International Cyber Expo, taking place at Olympia London on the 26th and 27th September 2023. The Corner will also feature a dedicated quiet space, pay-what-you-like masseurs, a resource wall with various helplines and support websites, a hydration station, and a soft seating area. There will also be wellbeing experts on hand from The Zensory, as well as representatives from Jamf.

Visitors to The Cyber Wellbeing Corner will be able to try The Zensory app on the stand too. The Zensory is an immersive, evidence-based wellbeing and productivity platform that helps users transform their mood and promote a state of focus and/or relaxation. The Zensory’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Paras Patel, will also be on hand to answer questions about wellbeing.  

Additionally, The Cyber Wellbeing Corner will feature the foundation of the new Cyber Wellbeing Commitment, a commitment made for and by the cybersecurity community to better mental health in the sector. There will be a chance for cybersecurity professionals to shape this commitment based on change they want to see reflected in the industry. Additionally, organisations and individuals can register their interest in the charter to provide ongoing feedback.   

Rachael Shattock, Group Event Director at Nineteen Group, adds: “It’s more important than ever to support the wellbeing of cybersecurity professionals. With burnout at an all-time high and mental health issues running rife throughout the industry, it’s important that we, as a community, take a stand to prioritise mental health. You never know who may need help, or when. Additionally, exhibitions can be overwhelming, so it’s important that we are neuroinclusive and provide an area for people to recalibrate at the show.” 

Yvonne Eskenzi, Co-Founder of The Zensory, adds: “It’s incredibly important to look after the wellbeing of cybersecurity professionals. After all, they protect all of us and our organisations. Having been in the industry for three decades, it’s evident that the problem isn’t getting better. What the industry needs is changemakers who are willing to dedicate time and effort to reducing burnout and mental health issues across the industry. That’s why The Zensory are thrilled to be supporting The Cyber Wellbeing Corner, as the first of its kind at cybersecurity exhibitions.” 

The Cyber Wellbeing Corner 2023 is sponsored by Jamf, who believe in the importance of wellbeing support across the industry and beyond, as well as taking actionable steps to support this mission.

Aaron Webb, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Security at Jamf, says: “The Cyber Wellbeing Corner aligns with everything we believe in as a business, that’s why we’re incredibly proud to be sponsoring it. We must support professionals across the cybersecurity industry and having spaces like this at events is a great first step. Wellbeing support, like technical solutions, are never a ‘one size fits all’ exercise, but an ongoing commitment.”

The Cyber Wellbeing Corner can be found at the International Cyber Expo, held at London Olympia on the 26th and 27th September. Registration for the event is open now. To register for FREE as a visitor sign up at: 

About The Zensory  

The Zensory is an evidence-based wellbeing and productivity app designed to transform mood in a matter of minutes. Informed by research from over 200+ research papers and world-leading experts, the app combines cutting-edge neuroscience techniques with immersive sensory practices to help users discover personalised ways to use their senses to work at their best, helping to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and reduce burnout. 

For more information, visit: 

About Jamf 

Jamf’s purpose is to simplify work by helping organisations manage and secure an Apple experience that end users love and organisations trust. Jamf is the only company in the world that provides a complete management and security solution for an Apple-first environment that is enterprise secure, consumer simple and protects personal privacy.  

To learn more, visit

 About Nineteen Group 

Nineteen Group is a rapidly expanding, dynamic and ambitious events business, which like our portfolio has a clear focus. Our corporate vision is to become the most successful events business in the UK. 

At the heart of Nineteen Group lies over 100 years of industry experience and an unrelenting commitment to deliver customer satisfaction. 

Following substantial investment from Phoenix Equity Partners, a leading growth-focused private equity firm, Nineteen Group is delivering major-scale trade exhibitions within the retail, security, cyber security, fire, emergency services, health and safety, facilities management, engineering and manufacturing sectors.  

Among Nineteen Group’s impressive portfolio of events is International Cyber Expo - co-located with International Security Expo, a flagship event that has facilitated critical networking, sourcing, and learning opportunities for the physical security industry for over two decades. 

For more information, visit: 

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