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Now in its fourth year and following the huge success of the 2021 event, The National Cyber Awards® returns to London on 26th September 2022. 

Based near Olympia, the Novotel London West will again be the venue for this prestigious and independent event which will recognise individuals, teams and organisations for their achievements within the cyber and digital sectors.  

This year the ceremony and black-tie dinner will be sponsored jointly by the National Police  Chiefs Council (NPCC), the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CiiSec), National  Crime Agency (NCA), Ministry of Defence (MoD), Systal Security Solutions and Palo Alto Networks.  

Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP said:" The National Cyber Awards are a wonderful way  to reward, celebrate and showcase the work of those who are committed to keeping us safe  online. My warm congratulations as always to the finalists and winners who are an inspiration to everyone across the sector who wish to work to protect others in the same  manner.”

Commissioner Angela McLean – Commissioner of the City of London Police and NPCC Lead on Cyber Crime, said “The National Police Chiefs Council ( NPCC ) is  delighted for a fourth year to be a headline sponsor for these awards that recognise not just  the best talent and products but also the unsung cyber heroes and those seeking to help  others in every sector.” 

Simon Turner, Regional Vice President, WEUR at Palo Alto Networks said: "The  National Cyber Awards are a wonderful way to celebrate and reward those in the cybersecurity industry who work tirelessly to keep us safe online. Palo Alto Networks is  proud to be sponsoring the awards and recognise organisations and individuals who secure  our digital way of life; the winners are an inspiration to everyone across the sector.” 

Mike Loginov Executive Vice President, Systal Security Solutions said. Systal Security  Solutions, a Systal Technologies division, is committed to the online safety, security and  resilience of our customers, stakeholders and employees. 

With 100% customer retention over the 13 years, Systal delivers exceptional service and a  flexible approach to protecting our customers against those that would do them harm. Today, with offices in 39 countries and a global team almost 2000 strong and growing, our  innovative and integrated approach across IT/OT/IoT and physical security covers the entire  digital ecosystem.  

As a sector employer of choice and proud sponsor of The National Cyber Awards 2022, we  are excited to celebrate the organisations and talented individuals leading innovation,  helping to reduce cyber-crime, and protecting citizens online.” 

Rachael Shattock, Event Director, International Cyber Expo said; “The Nineteen Group and International Cyber Expo are pleased to support The National Cyber Awards 2022. Cybercrime has fast become one of the most important, and indeed  dynamic areas of the security industry, and these awards are a fantastic way to recognise the most exceptional innovations, inspiring organisations and leading stars within the  cybersecurity industry.” 

With the cyber threat landscape ever changing, it’s important to recognise the work that goes  into keeping so many of us safe that the general public rarely see. The National Cyber  Awards were designed to allow employees of organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, National Crime Agency and the National Cyber Security Centre to be nominated in house  and to receive national recognition where appropriate. 

The Awards remain totally independent, free to enter and our sponsors ensure that every  finalist receives a free ticket to the black-tie ceremony and dinner. This allows anyone to  enter without any financial constraint or obligations and we are grateful to our sponsors for  providing additional tickets for parents and carers where needed.

Excitingly two new awards has been announced this year; 

The MoD Cyber Award 2022 

Christine Maxwell, Director of Cyber Defence and Risk for the Ministry of Defence said: “ The National Cyber Awards recognise the outstanding contributions of many teams  and individuals who protect us across numerous sectors. With cyber related warfare  becoming an increasingly important part of the United Kingdom’s Government and Defence Cyber Strategies, I am delighted that a special award for Ministry of Defence military and  civilian staff will be presented at this year’s national awards; The MOD Cyber Award 2022.” 

The NCA Cyber Award 2022 

Graeme Biggar, Director General of the National Crime Agency, said: “The National  Cyber Awards® allow us to recognise the exceptional work undertaken every day to tackle  cybercrime and increase the UK’s resilience against this threat. “Post-pandemic, the world is  even more dependent on a secure and reliable cyberspace. At the same time, the  cybercrime threat is increasing, with more sophisticated and high profile attacks against the  UK’s critical national infrastructure, businesses and people.” 

“The NCA’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) leads the UK’s incident response to high-end  cyber criminality, working closely with regional police forces, Government agencies and  international law enforcement partners. This collaborative response is key to bringing cyber  criminals to justice and protecting our national security.” 

With popular demand the organisers will again host the International Cyber Book Fair in the  afternoon at the Novotel London West preceding the awards. This is free for budding and  established authors to promote and undertake book signings for their cyber related books 

The organisers are grateful to The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park who will  be presenting an interactive exhibition of historic wartime computers and decoders for  guests. 

Notes for editors 

The highlight of the evening will be the winner of The National Cyber Citizen of the Year  award who will receive a unique gold Cyber Citizen trophy. 

Last year, The Cyber Citizen of the Year was Paul Chichester MBE Director of Operations  for the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). 

The awards are free to enter, and all finalists receive a free ticket to the black-tie dinner. 

Chair of the independent Judges is Nicola Whiting MBE and Deputy Chair is former City of  London Commissioner Ian Dyson QPM who both ensure propriety and fairness. 

At this year’s event there will again be representatives from our chosen charities. The Cyber Trust, Cyber Security Challenge UK and Help for Heroes. 

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