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Paul Chichester

Paul Chichester

Director of Operations, National Cyber Security Centre

Paul has worked in the UK Government Intelligence and Security community for over 30 years. He’s had a wide range of roles during this time and been involved in many of the UK’s ground breaking cyber operations spanning GCHQ’s intelligence, security and effects missions. For those old enough, Paul began his career designing and developing secure operating systems that were assured to TCSEC Orange Book A1 standards!


Over many years Paul has also led the creation of a wide suite of operational capabilities that enable the UK to understand and respond to the full range of our cyber adversaries. He has also been involved in every major UK Government cyber investigation from MOONLIGHT MAZE in the late 90s to the present day. 


Previous to joining the NCSC, Paul was the Technical Director for GCHQ’s Cyber Operations and prior to that, Deputy Director for Cyber Defence Operations.


Paul is currently the Director of Operations at the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre where he is responsible for managing the government’s response to nationally significant cyber incidents (such as WannaCry) and ensuring UK Government understands and can counter a wide range of state and non-state cyber threats.


In 2005 Paul was awarded the MBE for his ground-breaking contribution to the field of cyber operations