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Chris Greany

Chris Greany

Director of Security, CISO Pay.UK

Chris has held senior positions in the public, commercial and consulting sectors, with a career spanning over 35 years.

Most recent roles include building enterprise and cyber security programs in the financial and oil & gas sectors, leading the UK policing response to economic and financial crime and supporting the development of “Cyber UK”.  As Managing Director with Templar Executives Ltd he has led the growth of its EMEA information risk consulting practice.

An accomplished speaker, media commentator and thought leader he is a founding partner of the Global Cyber Alliance and was a former member of the Bank of England’s Cyber Security Board. Published, his most recent work on insider threats is contained in “Managing Cyber Security Risk 3” with Jonathan Reuvid Books (2019)

A vocal advocate on the need to improve the UK response to counter cyber fraud, AML, and financial crime, he still advises the UK Government and International Authorities on the development of their existing and future policies to prevent and respond to these type of threats.