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Xcapsim Learning: Improved Cybersecurity Awareness, Retention

Xcapism Learning Stand: P32
Xcapsim Learning: Improved Cybersecurity Awareness, Retention

London-based Xcapsim Learning came about with the understanding that traditional methods of in-company training weren’t doing the job, with employees retaining roughly 30 percent of the information provided.

Xcapsim has taken a different — and far more fun — approach, creating compelling and immersive experiences that bring learning to life.

Meera Mehta, co-founder and CEO of Xcapism, spoke with MESA about what makes her company’s approach effective, how cybersecurity training has changed in recent years, and the talent and experts Xcapism employs to change how we learn.

A profile piece on Xcapism Learning that sets out why there needs to be change in the training and awareness space and specifically the impact of innovating with learning through discovery, storytelling and gamification can have in changing behaviour.

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