27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022


ICE 2022

10 Aug 2021

The Encryption Solution Boxcryptor is a finalist in the GIT SECURITY AWARD

Boxcryptor is a finalist in the category "A: Safety, IT & Cyber Security for Industry and Automation" in the readers' vote for the next GIT SECURITY AWARD. Please vote for Boxcryptor:

Data protection is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in our digitalized society. Encryption with zero-knowledge standard, for example with Boxcryptor, is a very good way to protect sensitive data from unwanted access. Secomba GmbH enables people to benefit from the cloud and at the same time keep control over their data. As the influence of cloud computing on private and professional life is constantly increasing, data security becomes a more and more important issue. Sensitive information must always be protected — now and in the future. Especially nowadays, when working from home plays a very important role, Boxcryptor offers a secure way to work with files in the cloud.

Boxcryptor was born out of the desire to find a solution that protects the data of individuals and businesses, while still being easy to use.


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