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30 Mar 2021

The bigger picture: Privacy and Work in the New Normal

The bigger picture:  Privacy and Work in the New Normal

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, home working whilst not unheard of, was still relatively uncommon, or in many cases limited to a few days per month.

The pandemic, and the resulting lockdown restrictions, have driven a vast segment of the population, particularly in western markets, into remote working.  Coupled with government intervention, there has been a substantial change in levels of employment over the course of the pandemic, as well as working hours.

The question of how long the ‘new normal’ will prevail is paramount: remote working raises numerous concerns around privacy, employee welfare, and productivity; issues which will be discussed further in this research.

In this eBook, 3M explores:

  • The challenges and privacy concerns introduced by remote working
  • How the future of work may look
  • The so called ‘road to recovery’- will this ever be truly achieved?
  • Threats and solutions for data protection in the ‘new normal’

Download eBook:

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