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Skybox Security unveils industry’s first SaaS solution for Security Policy and Vulnerability Management across hybrid environments

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Skybox Security unveils industry’s first SaaS solution for Security Policy and Vulnerability Management across hybrid environments

Skybox Security today announced the next generation of its award-winning Security Posture Management Platform – including the industry’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for Security Policy and Vulnerability Management. Propelling its global customer base into the next era of proactive cybersecurity, major innovations advance its platform that continuously tests attack feasibility, exposure, remediation options, and compliance across hybrid environments.

Skybox Cloud Edition accelerates customer value with increased flexibility, scalability, business agility, and resiliency.

  • First SaaS solution for Security Policy Management: Leapfrogging the competition, the Cloud Edition capabilities reduce software installation maintenance tasks. Streamlined licensing and deployment are designed to meet customer demand.
  • Advanced Vulnerability and Exposure Management: With the industry’s most flexible deployment options for Vulnerability and Exposure Management (both on-premises and SaaS versions), customers can select the deployment model that aligns with their corporate and regulatory requirements.
  • Limitless scalability: Manage security policies, prioritize vulnerabilities, and remediate exposures across the most complex on-premises, cloud, operational technology (OT), and hybrid environments. Automate, verify, and operationalize risk reduction.
  • Faster deployment options: Cuts deployment time and reduces the need for procuring hardware, performing testing, and installing updates – enabling customers to unlock value faster. Customers with vast, global environments will reap huge benefits due to the size and diversity of their attack surface.
  • Instant automatic updates: Customers benefit immediately from the latest product innovations and platform updates. Upgrades are much less disruptive, with no need for change management resources. Seamless, automated upgrades are critical given the dynamic threat and regulatory landscapes.
  • Guaranteed availability: The solution is hosted in AWS for outstanding stability, performance, and guaranteed availability. Additionally, 24/7 monitoring of the tenants, across both the Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC), maintains optimal network performance and performs real-time analysis for continuous threat mitigation.

Customer quotes

  • “We had endless streams of vulnerability remedial work. Everything seemed extremely important. Hence why we moved to Skybox: Because it gave us exactly the prioritization model we needed.” – Director of Cybersecurity, Manufacturing Organization
  • “The overall visibility that Skybox has given us of the network – that’s something we didn’t have before. You can’t really put a number on that, but it’s a massive impact.” – Principal Network Engineer, IT Security Company
  • “They were getting burned out. So, this has changed at least one of my engineers’ lives. He actually said it over and over, ‘This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.’ Had it been anyone else, I doubt we would have kept anyone in that position for long.” – Information Security Manager, Financial Services Organization
  • “Assets that are critical are tracked in Skybox, and the risk is assessed. If there is a vulnerability, we can fix it immediately. It’s reflected in Skybox, and we have evidence for future audits.” – Information Security Manager, IT Security Company
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