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05 Aug 2022

Risk Ledger raises £2.1m

Risk Ledger Stand: ADS & TechUK Pavilion - M80
Risk Ledger raises £2.1m

Over the last two years, Risk Ledger has grown to a network of 1,500 organisations and over 4,500 people, all bought into the new collaborative way of managing supply chain security.

By challenging the way that third-party risk management is tackled, we’re able to make a big difference to the security of the supply chain ecosystem, and it’s this positive impact that we are most proud of.

Clients are able to find and address risks that were simply not visible to them before and suppliers are able to get the support they need to improve their security defences whilst building positive, productive relationships with their clients.

The future is exciting at Risk Ledger. As we continue to grow our team and the Risk Ledger network, we are building ways for the supply chain to defend against and respond to attacks as one collective force – transforming supply chain risk management from the paper shield it is so often seen as, into a real game changer in preventing supply chain incidents.

To read more about our journey from our Founder, Haydn Brooks, take a look at the interview he gave with Forbes following the funding announcement. To join us on our journey, see the roles we’re currently hiring for, or contact us about joining the Risk Ledger network as a client or supplier (or both!).

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