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ICE 2022

21 Apr 2022

End-to-end encrypted file sync company Tresorit launches email encryption tool

Tresorit Kft Stand: L20
  • Tresorit’s email encryption is the company’s next step towards creating an end-to-end encrypted workspace for businesses of all sizes, with a special focus on larger companies

  • Majority of Tresorit’s customers use its file sharing tool for sharing information outside company walls, the new email encryption serves this demand

  • The new tool works together with popular email services as a built-in module, first available on Microsoft Outlook desktop, with further platforms planned for future releases.

Tresorit’s email encryption enables the effortless sending of secure emails with one click and provides further control over sent data (e.g., revoking access, limiting downloads). Tresorit’s email encryption only requires the sender to have a Tresorit account, enabling users to secure not only all their outbound but also their inbound emails, as replies are encrypted by default.

  1. Creating an end-to-end encrypted workspace

    “Our vision is to make cloud collaboration both secure and user-friendly with the power of end-to- encryption and help our users protect their digital valuables. We’re bringing our 10-year expertise in cloud encryption to emailing now: our email service is the next big step in creating a secure, end-to- end encrypted workspace for businesses of all sizes”, says Istvan Lam, CEO, and co-founder.

    “In the past year, we have shifted our focus to serve enterprise clients and have learned that 90% of them rely on Tresorit to share data with clients, partners, and auditors outside their organization. Our new email encryption service is our solution to meet this demand”, Lam adds.

    According to reports, more than a quarter of data breaches are due to human error (where sensitive data is accidentally sent to the wrong person) which presents serious legal and financial risks to companies.

    Security and ease of use

    Tresorit is favored in industries who abide by strict data protection regulations such as legal and financial services, R&D, HR, and IT. These industries have to comply with the highest level of data protection regulations. Tresorit has twice been named Gartner® Peer InsightsTM Customers’ Choice in Cloud Collaboration Tools where reviews highlight the quality of its e2e encryption and its ease of use, and deployment.

Tresorit’s solution offers the combination of increased ease of use and security when compared with legacy email security solutions. Tresorit’s email encryption works together with popular email services as a built-in module. It will be first available on Microsoft Outlook desktop, with further platforms (Gmail, Microsoft 365, and more) planned for future releases.

About Tresorit

Tresorit is an end-to-end encrypted productivity solution for ultra-secure collaboration including managing, storing, syncing, and transferring files. More than 10,000 businesses use Tresorit to protect their confidential data and securely share information. Since July 2021, Tresorit’s majority shareholder is Swiss Post. Learn more at

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