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24 Aug 2022

Why is Cypherdog E-mail Encryption a must-have for you?

Why is Cypherdog E-mail Encryption a must-have for you?

Cypherdog E-mail Encryption, which launches in September 2022, puts the control in the hands of e-mail users who want to keep their messages secure and private.  It also protects your sensitive and confidential information from unwanted cyberattacks.

The Internet is one of the most dangerous places where you are constantly at risk of having your data stolen and used by third parties, which often results in a significant loss of money. Since it's hard to imagine living life offline today, it's worth getting to know tools that will help you protect your privacy.

With this in mind, Cypherdog created Cypherdog E-mail Encryption that provides an application and a plug-in to encrypt your emails and attachments.

Cypherdog’s Story

Cypherdog is a cybersecurity startup founded in 2019. Cypherdog’s vision is to develop solutions that allow individuals and businesses to operate in a safe online environment. Its portfolio includes products such as Cypherdog Messenger for secure and confidential instant communication and Cypherdog File Exchange & Storage - a desktop application for encrypting file transfer and secure cloud storage.

Cypherdog has received numerous awards for its innovative approach to cyber threats. Cypherdog E-mail Encryption is another example of fighting data and content leakage.

Powerful Features of Cypherdog Products

  • Cryptographic methods with asymmetric and symmetric encryption algorithms give you the highest level of data encryption.

  • The zero-knowledge security model guarantees complete confidentiality and privacy of data.

  • Absolute protection of private keys.

  • There is no “trusted” third-party access.

Breakthrough in E-mail Privacy  

Cypherdog E-mail Encryption is a brand-new addition to the portfolio of Cypherdog products. The application is easy and intuitive to use and quick to install. It will encrypt and decrypt with one click:

  • E-mail attachments and text (or selected part of it)

  • All other text in documents, presentations, sheets, etc., which you can then send using any method of communication

As a result, you will not only protect yourself against cyberattacks carried out by organized hackers but also prevent any unauthorized third party from accessing your content. Furthermore, the message remains readable only for the sender and the intended recipients who installed the plug-in in their browser.

Product Compatibility 

Cypherdog E-mail Encryption application is available in the desktop version for all modern operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux. In addition, you can install the application as a browser plug-in for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, or as an additional module (add-on) to Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird (coming soon).

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