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Cybercrime Analytics - The New Way to Disrupt Cybercrime

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Cybercrime Analytics - The New Way to Disrupt Cybercrime

Discover why market leaders across all industries are choosing Cybercrime Analytics over threat intelligence, how this approach boosts anti-fraud solutions, and its use cases and benefits in detail. Protect you business and your consumers with automated analytics that drive action from cybercrime data.


Despite increasing budgets for cybersecurity and fraud prevention and the widespread use of threat intel platforms, security monitoring tools, EDR, phishing detection, and anti-fraud signals, 90% of organizations were affected by ransomware last year. Criminals spread malware like wildfire, identity fraud continues its upward trajectory, and data breaches remain at near-record levels.

These forms of cybercrime feed and are fed by a darknet which is so large and has so much of the world’s information in it that it affects every business.

The extreme growth in cybercrime requires a new approach – one that delivers actionable answers about what data criminals are using now to target your business and customers.

Download our whitepaper and see how Cybercrime Analytics:

  • Reveals actionable insights about user exposure in the criminal underground
  • Detects high-risk users for remediation
  • Pinpoints low-risk users for streamlined experiences
  • Increases the impact of security and fraud prevention teams
  • Is distinct from threat intelligence
  • Benefits enterprises across industries looking to prevent cybercrime
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