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Cyber Intelligence Platform

Cyber Intelligence Platform
Every CISOs dream!

RevBits announces the general availability of its Cyber Intelligence Platform (“CIP”), an integrated solution that is designed to provide companies across the globe with unparalleled protection against cyberattacks.

Taking a radically new approach, RevBits CIP is the first fully integrated cybersecurity platform that offers superior protection by sharing threat intelligence and other relevant data between ten different security modules.

“As the threat level in cyberspace continues to rise and an alarmingly increasing number of companies are getting hacked, it has become crystal clear that deploying and managing multiple standalone solutions is neither efficient nor effective” said David Schiffer, CEO “As with most corporate resources, security teams will always have a limited capacity. Being able to provide them out of the box with a single integrated platform will give a great boost to their productivity. Less time and money can be spent managing different tools and environments while the exchange of relevant threat information allows for much faster and more proactive interventions.”

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