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Boxcryptor for Schools — Cloud Security for a Low Budget

Boxcryptor for Schools — Cloud Security for a Low Budget

Homeschooling and the need for digital teaching methods is a major challenge for schools when it comes to data protection. Due to the current situation, the Boxcryptor team decided to support schools in protecting personal data in services such as Microsoft 365 and other cloud storage. Public schools from the primary and secondary sector will therefore from now on receive the Boxcryptor encryption software with a high discount.

Schools currently have a great demand for Boxcryptor licenses but usually only have a very small amount to spend. For this reason, in 2021, elementary schools as well as middle schools and high schools can get Boxcryptor at a special price.

The Combination of Cloud and Encryption Software

Boxcryptor is a cloud encryption software that protects sensitive and personal data in cloud storages. The combination of cloud services such as Microsoft Teams and an encryption solution paves the way for schools to use homeschooling and digital forms of teaching.

By storing files in cloud storage, all data is always available and protected against loss. Offerings such as Microsoft Teams also provide a comprehensive learning platform that enables virtual lessons to be held regardless of location. By encrypting with Boxcryptor, schools meet important security criteria of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This enables all participants to work together securely in the cloud. Important files belonging to students and teachers are encrypted end-to-end before they are transferred to the provider of the cloud storage. This ensures that unauthorised persons never have access to sensitive data.

This Service is Available to Schools

Boxcryptor for Schools is only available for public schools in the primary and secondary level. Up to 500 user licenses are available, which can be handed out freely between teachers and students. The Boxcryptor Support assists two dedicated contact persons of the school directly in case of questions or problems.

The functions available to the schools include customisable policies that make it easy to comply with compliance measures. In addition, various groups can be created and managed to control data access rights. Furthermore, administrators can also easily track Boxcryptor-related user activities.

Particularly interesting for schools is the integration into Microsoft Teams. With the application, sensitive files that arise in everyday school life can be protected directly in Microsoft Teams using end-to-end encryption. 

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