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01 Oct 2021

Baseline 3.0

Baseline 3.0

Cyber Griffin is launching its new Baseline 3.0 on the 1st of October!

Cyber Griffin has listened to its feedback and developed the new Baseline 3.0. Baseline 3.0 incorporates the psychology behind hackers and defenders and is shaped by the research of Bruce Schneier & Chris Hadnagy.

Featuring the latest advice and insights from industry experts and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) as well as offering examples of modern cyber security breaches, Baseline 3.0 reimagines the learning pathway to make sure that the subject of cyber security is more accessible than ever before.

Baseline 3.0 is new, improved, updated and still completely free of charge!

To book a place for you or your organisation, contact Cyber Griffin on: 

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