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07 Sep 2022

IT Awards 2022 | Most Innovative IT Managed Services & Cybersecurity Business 2022

Primenet Stand: F60
Primenet awarded Most Innovative IT Managed Services & Cybersecurity Business 2022

The team at Primenet were delighted to be nominated and today accepted the award for "Most Innovative IT Managed Services & Cybersecurity Business 2022"

7 Sept 2022, London.

An interview with Primenet:

Good IT systems are essential for the smooth running of a modern business. More than just a gimmick, a digital outlook can make the lives of those running SMEs significantly more straightforward.

The team at Primenet know this better than most, not only offering impressive services in this regard but collaborating closely with customers to ensure they find precisely the level of service they need.

The team work with a variety of vendors to meet their client’s specific requirements. Over the years, the team have worked with a number of different clients, serving the public and private sectors. Their ability to switch between the various solutions being offered means that they can meet the needs of customers and budgets from every background, making them an ideal resource to SMEs across the country. Building up such an incredible resource is not only a credit to the team, but a credit to the flexibility of the people running the business.

As a company, they have always been committed to exceeding the expectations of their customers and coming up as their first option each and every time. The best results speak for themselves and the work of Primenet speaks particularly loudly. Working with them is akin to having the extension of a business’s own team, because they take the time to understand their employees.

They are ready to assist, answer questions and guide them to ever-greater heights of success. Their customers always get the best because Primenet employs the best.


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