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Panel session: Bridging the skills gap

24 Sep 2024
Global Cyber Summit
Global Cyber Summit

The skills gap remains a stubborn challenge for most countries. Technological innovation, such as AI, might fill some of the roles, but experience has shown that it generates new jobs that require new skills.

  • The key hurdles to overcoming the skills gap.
  • Incentivising businesses to invest in training their people?
  • The impact of emerging technology on the skills deficit?
John Madelin, Managing Partner Digital Security - Cambridge Management Consulting
Robert Black, Deputy Director - UK National Cyber Deception Lab (NCDL)
Debi McCormack, Communications Director - The Cyber Scheme
Dr Ismini Vasileiou, Associate Professor & Director - East Midlands Cyber Cluster
Dr Sanjana Mehta, Senior Director, Advocacy - ISC2