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Risk Ledger

Stand: ADS & TechUK Pavilion - M80
  • | ADS & techUK Pavilion
  • | Incident response & management
  • | Information risk assessment & management

Traditional risk assessment processes are a paper shield against cyber attacks. Risk Ledger removes the burden of inefficient, ineffective admin, so organisations can do more of what matters.

Companies across the world are using Risk Ledger to:

1. Get the right risk assessment data with our Dynamic Controls Framework. It unlocks network effects to scale your supply chain security.

2. See live assessment data in supplier-owned profiles (like Linkedin for cybersecurity).

3. Send and receive updates about controls in real time. Our network model means you’re always connected with the organisations you work with.

4. Collaborate on remediation and other tasks directly in the platform.

5. Visualise concentration risk beyond third parties.

6. Do continuous monitoring, but from inside out.


9 Appold Street
United Kingdom
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  • Understand what Risk Ledger is and what problems it solves.
  • Our new emerging threats tool will help you manage your complex supply chain when the next cyber attack happens
  • Have you been asked about concentration risk in your supply chain? It’s becoming a topic of concern, but what exactly is it? And how does it relate to cyber security?


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