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Stand: M73
  • | Application security
  • | End point security
  • | Incident response & management
  • | Information risk assessment & management
  • | Network security

Mindgard is an AI security company that helps enterprise to test, detect, and respond to adversarial threats against their AI models.

Given that businesses are increasingly focused on offering AI-driven services such as LLMs, securing this new way of conducting business is equally important. Mindgard ensures that your business can safely and securely move into the new AI world and continue to protect your digital assets, brand and reputation.

Our platform enables enterprise customers to determine, detect, and remediate against any adversarial attack vulnerabilities within all their AI models. This answers the “What is my AI risk?” and “How do I mitigate my AI risk?” questions that currently cannot be answered using traditional Cyber Security platforms. By designing our platform from the ground up to integrate with existing AI and Cyber Security operational tooling, Mindgard can be seamlessly added to your organization, providing repeatable and automated AI model vulnerability testing.

The Mindgard platform has been in development for over 4 years based on cutting edge PhD-led, AI & cyber security research, also used by the global Intelligence Community. As well as providing a library of adversarial attacks based on deep research, leveraging our platform that can automate repeated security testing, detection, and response across the entire AI estate.

Our platform ensures that businesses can rapidly embrace LLMs and other AI technologies whilst protecting their digital assets, brand, and reputation.


United Kingdom
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