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26 - 27 September | Olympia London


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Stand: P61

At the forefront of cyber defence, e2e-assure is driven by a vision to bolster UK business prosperity through the provision of the most advanced and effective Threat Detection & Response service in the country. We are committed to outpacing threat actors, innovating rapidly to pre-empt and disrupt their tactics and techniques.


Our service portfolio is modular, designed with a focus on defined detection coverage aligned to the Mitre Att&ck framework. We offer defined outcomes for attack disruption and active response, ensuring our customers are always one step ahead of potential threats.


With an understanding that every organisation is at a different stage in its cybersecurity journey, we are set up to meet customers where they are with options to accelerate their security posture evolution both tactically and strategically. Our multi-channel approach includes our proprietary Microsoft Teams App and our in-house developed Threat Disruption & case management platform, Cumulo. These tools interface seamlessly with market-leading security tools and ITSM platforms, ensuring full transparency of our Security Operations Services.


Our approach to safeguarding clients is proactive and immediate. We actively respond to critical alerts with immediate containment actions, ensuring that businesses remain secure, resilient, and prosperous.


+44 1235 632117


The Old Chapel
Union Way
OX28 6HD
United Kingdom
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    06 Jul 2023
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