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12 Jul 2022

RevBits Privileged Account Scanner

Revbits Stand: R70

Privileged Account Scanner (PAS) allows organizations to get their arms around the distributed accounts they have across on-premises and multi-cloud environments. RevBits PAS scans multi-cloud environments to discover and inventory digital assets and privileged accounts to identify vulnerable access points, while providing critical data needed to protect your organization.

Through scanning your enterprise-wide network with RevBits PAS, accounts and users with the most sensitive and risky permissions can be discovered, including potentially damaging shadow admins, or users that have sensitive permissions with escalation privileges within the cloud. Attackers and malicious insiders can exploit these permissions to gain access to critical cloud infrastructure.

RevBits PAS detects signs of account misconfigurations that can increase the chance for intrusion, such as default settings or expired accounts. Reviewing information discovered by RevBits PAS allows security teams to ensure these accounts are carefully managed and monitored.


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