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Think Cyber Security Stand: P60

Next generation security awareness

Redflags™ from ThinkCyber is a highly innovative software that uniquely applies behavioural and learning science to deliver ongoing, context-aware and real-time security awareness − helping people make secure decisions day in, day out.

Redflags™ delivers security awareness directly on people’s device maximising engagement rate. It allows you to reduce risk, target actual behaviours and measure behaviour change.


Redflags™ Ongoing Awareness

To train your people to best protect themselves, they need ongoing awareness of risks

The simplest element of Redflags™ drip-feeds snippets of content directly onto people's device.

• Engage your staff with interesting stories and real-life examples, making security relevant to their role and personal lives.
• Drive engagement with eye-catching, brief and digestible content delivered direct to their desktop, reducing barriers to engagement.
• Maintain awareness, keeping security front of mind with content drip-fed little and often.


Redflags™ Behaviour Triggers

To reduce cyber security incidents we need to target the behaviours that drive them

Unique real-time security interventions, at the point of risk.

• Support people with gentle nudges to guide behaviours when they occur.
• Apply behavioural science theory to enhance intervention effectiveness.
• Gain visibility of risky behaviours taking place: from phishing to misdirected emails, online safety to data uploads.


Redflags™ Learning Reinforcement

Annual training isn’t enough.

Complement ongoing awareness, reinforce learning outcomes with brief reminders.

• Reinforce and embed awareness, with short tips and reminders.
• Respond to incidents and events, with rapid delivery of relevant guidance when needed.
• Maximise engagement by delivering reminders only when relevant (to the risk) applications are in use.


Redflags™ Portal

Measure behaviour change and engagement

• Adapt your campaigns based on behaviour based metrics.
• Baseline behaviours with or without interventions.
• Measure engagement to give you the compliance data you need, as well as unique visibility of staff risky behaviours.
• Manage and measure content groups. 

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