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Precision - Proactive Attack Disruption

e2e-assure Stand: P61

Precision - Proactive Attack Disruption

Our proactive approach utilises an XDR model with a strong focus on testing and simulation. Our aim is to reduce risk using threat intelligence to pre-empt and disrupt attackers prior to execution. However, we are prepared to respond, where necessary containing first and investigating immediately to hinder the lateral movement of attackers and keep impact to a minimum.

We invest the time and effort to understand your environment, enabling us to refine alerting to reduce false positives, and implement effective threat intelligence to our machine learning. 

Testing & Simulation

The continual evolution of threat actor tactics demands the on-going evaluation of detection and response methods. Therefore, we conduct bi-annual tests and simulations on our customer environments to provide complete confidence in your security posture. We have complete confidence in our work, so if you desire to test our service even further with an independent tester, we encourage this.

We’re devoted to building trusting relationships with our clients, which enables us to rapidly respond to incidents through tactics such as isolating a machine from a network or temporarily disabling a user account. This facilitates our expert analysts to investigate fully, while you have complete peace of mind that your daily operations can continue undisrupted.

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