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Phishing Email Assessment

Pentest People Stand: N74

Phishing Email Assessment

Broad-scale and targeted email phishing attacks are among the most likely type of cyber attack that businesses are having to contend with today. Such emails can be sent with little risk, and if successful, could trick users into revealing sensitive information such as login credentials, or potentially even result in the installation of malware. Such emails could be sent in mass to all employees when just one successful exploit is needed to compromise the business’ sensitive data. Alternatively, specific individuals within the business may be targeted with highly bespoke emails, aiming to leverage that particular employee’s privileges.

Pentest People’s Phishing Testing Service simulates both a broad-scale generic email phishing attack or a realistic targeted attack on key employees. The result of this test generates valuable statistics for measuring the effectiveness of business awareness training and procedures.

How Can We Help? 

Pentest People can help alleviate the risks associated with Email Phishing by performing either a broad-scale or targeted phishing scenario.

Pentest People have a professional Phishing Service that can be used to identify flaws that exist within your team in regard to their email phishing awareness. From this phishing test service assessment you can create professional training protocol so your employees never fall victim to such attacks.

The service would be delivered as part of the Pentest People Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) and full access to the SecurePortal and other complementary tools would be provided.

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