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Modern Workplace Protection

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  • Modern Workplace Protection
  • Modern Workplace Protection
Modern Workplace Protection Modern Workplace Protection

Modern Work Place Protection

Easily secure your business against Account Takeover and Business Email Compromise threats.

Detecting and responding to suspicious activity acting on your cloud accounts doesn’t need to be complex and expensive, the e2e-assure Modern Workplace Protection service keeps you informed and in control through our in-house developed Microsoft Teams application.

User accounts with access to valuable data and authority over business processes are a key target for cyber criminals, even if only basic user credentials are compromised, this can be a first step for an attacker to gain a foothold in your business.

Through years of experience providing Managed Threat Detection & Response services to businesses of all types and sizes, we understand the challenges that Security and IT teams face in addressing competing demands with overstretched budgets, resources and time.

Modern Workplace Protection from e2e-assure provides 24/7 detection and response of potential account abuse in you Microsoft M365 tenant and works with E3, E5 and F1 licensing. We assess your current posture against best practise for Identity & Access Management and provide alerting against deviations from the baseline. The improved security posture that your business will experience as a result of safeguarding your organisation’s M365 accounts diminishes your appeal to cybercriminals and enhances your reputation with partners in the supply chain.

Partnering with e2e-assure to protect you against account and identity- based attacks doesn’t require your business to onboard another security monitoring tool or check updates in a 3rd party ticketing system.

We inject value into the collaboration tool you are already using: Microsoft Teams.

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