27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Mobile Application Testing

Pentest People Stand: J50

Mobile Application Testing

The Mobile Applications we use daily have significantly advanced in recent years. This advancement and reliance upon such services have exposed users to a variety of new security risks. Protecting these applications from new threats is a constant challenge, especially for developers who may not be security-aware and typically work toward a performance deadline.

Pentest People have a wealth of knowledge in the area of Mobile Application Security Testing, and the professionalMobile Application Security Testing Service can be used to identify vulnerabilities that exist on your Mobile applications.

How Can We Help? 

Pentest People can help alleviate the risks associated with Mobile Applications by identifying vulnerabilities that exist within the app in both IOS & Android Operating Systems.

Pentest People’s Mobile Application Testing service looks at mobile applications at a storage level by reverse engineering the application package and viewing the database and configuration files. We use specialised technology to simulate a malicious application stored on the phone alongside your application to check for vulnerabilities that require a malicious application to exploit.

We also examine the API backend using our full API methodology which covers all of the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, common misconfigurations and in depth business logic testing.

Our Mobile Application Security service would be delivered as part of the Pentest People Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) and full access to the SecurePortal and other complementary tools would be provided.


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