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Microsoft Cloud Security Review

Pentest People Stand: N74

Microsoft Cloud Security Review 

Today’s technology is rapidly adopting cloud technology to assist organisations in moving to a cloud-based or hybrid infrastructure to provide flexible, redundant and cost-effective computing on an enterprise. level.

The main issues associated with this technology is its inherent availability and default configuration, which is often exploited by attackers as they can easily access and attack these services with little risk of identification. A compromised account could prove fatal for most organisations as attackers could access resources located in the cloud, and internal resources in hybrid environments.

Pentest People’s Microsoft (MS) Cloud Security Review audits your Azure and Office 365 instances to identify misconfigurations, lack of best practices and secure configurations from a ‘Blue Team’ perspective, allowing you to remediate the vulnerabilities before they are exploited. This testing is performed remotely from Pentest People’s office and data center locations using credentials to your Azure and Office 365 Portals.

How Can We Help? 

Our Microsoft cloud security trained consultants can assist in identifying vulnerabilities caused by, misconfigurations, bad practices and systems that are vulnerable to Azure-based vulnerabilities. These services allow you to remediate any security vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

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