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Intelligence Led Threat Detection and Response

e2e-assure Stand: P61

Intelligence Led Threat Detection & Response

Redefining SOC

The traditional SOC model is failing. The reactive approach to cyber defence is no longer sufficient. Therefore, e2e-assure has developed a more sophisticated Intelligence Led Threat Detection and Response service to combat this perpetuating issue.

Through our proactive 24/7/365 model, we disrupt attackers prior to execution. As specialists in managed services for the past 10 years, we understand the challenges and demands that Security and IT teams face on a daily basis.

Our response to these challenges is not to overlay more tools, processes and contracts over your existing security operation. Instead, we inject value into your existing technologies, and reveal the benefits of your security investments in a manner that is understandable to your business peers.
We make three simple promises:

Clarity. Precision. Control.

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