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RevBits Email Security SEG

Revbits Stand: R70

Email security is a foundational requirement, as email is the leading source of malicious attacks and damaging breaches. Robust endpoint email security and secure email gateway (SEG), complemented with security awareness training, are needed to reliably and consistently thwart email-based attacks.
RevBits Secure Email Gateway (SEG) - is cloud-based and
globally deployed for dynamic scalability. It is also inherently
redundant for reliable and dependable operations –
anywhere in the world. RevBits SEG protects against email
threats by blocking phishing, business email compromise
(BEC), spam, social engineering, ransomware, and other
malware. RevBits SEG is positioned as a front-line
corporate email defense, inline within the email
transportation route, and directly in the path of all traffic
going to the corporate email server. All email is processed,
scanned, filtered, and analyzed. Clean emails are passed
onto the user’s inboxes, while questionable emails are
quarantined for further inspection.

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