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3M™ COMPLY™ Privacy Filter Attach Solutions for laptops

3M privacy solutions for laptops are simple yet effective

Get world-class monitor and laptop privacy plus easy screen sharing with our ingenious 3M™ COMPLY™ Privacy Filter Attach Solutions. 

3M™ COMPLY™ Flip Attach for Laptops allows you to quick-flip between privacy and screen sharing thanks to the durable, hinged design.

For laptops

  • Quickly and easily switch from world-class privacy to screen sharing with one simple flip
  • Proprietary hinged design withstands the rigours of daily use
  • Flip tab makes it easy to flip the privacy filter without leaving fingerprints
  • Proprietary 3M high-strength adhesive holds the privacy filter to your laptop, but comes off cleanly when needed
  • Durable and flexible enough to fit over curved surfaces and on a variety of laptop devices
  • Helps avoid misplacement, loss and scratches by keeping the privacy filter attached to your laptop
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