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05 Sep 2022

How to Work Protected from Today’s Advanced Email and Collaboration Security Threats

How to Work Protected from Today’s Advanced Email and Collaboration Security Threats

While use of collaboration tools is on the rise, email remains the top communication tool for workers as well as the top entry point for cyberthreats. 

Key Points

  • Email and collaboration tools remain where work happens, but they also are where risk is concentrated – technology is fallible and human error is inevitable, making organisations more vulnerable than ever.

  • Workers should be able to work protected when using their email to conduct business, whether it is a stand-alone email tool or email that is part of a platform like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

  • Cybersecurity professionals looking to learn more about protecting their primary risk surface should visit Mimecast at Stand C10 while attending International Cyber Expo 2022.

The world is continually changing. How we work is continually changing. Our need to work together to come up with the great ideas that drive business and advance humankind remains constant. 


Today, the vast majority of workloads now exist in email and collaboration environments. We are seeing extraordinary adoption of newer tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, though email remains the primary tool used for communication by business users. 


Our Work Surface Is Our Risk Surface


Email and collaboration technologies are essential and compelling for us today, and we are more dependent on them than we’ve ever been before. This means cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are not only our work surface, but they also represent our risk surface- they remain susceptible to cyberattacks launched via malicious links or files. Ransomware, malware, and other cyberthreats are always just a click away.


Human Error


In addition, user complacency can very easily lead to errors that benefit cybercriminals. Users are so accustomed to receiving and sending vast amounts of email every day that they tend to be highly responsive, quick to forward emails, click on links, and download files. This can lead to carelessness in reviewing the emails they receive and content they open. Users tend to trust by default when it comes to email, and malicious actors not only know this, they count on it. 


Risk and Complexity


Our increased dependence on cloud tools and platforms that may all be running on the same third-party cloud architecture prevents the complexity of building a proprietary cloud environment. It also means that many businesses may be using identical architecture and security to protect their most valuable assets. Once a threat actor knows how to use that third-party cloud architecture to access systems in one enterprise, it may be very easy to use that same technique to access systems in other enterprises.


So, the question remains: how does an organisation ensure its security in the modern threat environment where malicious actors have vast resources to draw upon to ensure their attack makes headlines at your expense, users can become complacent, and security tools are not 100% effective?


Mimecast Addresses Complex Industry Challenges


The new Mimecast X1 Platform, serves as the foundation of the fully integrated Mimecast Product Suite, provides the solution. Powering fully integrated services that deliver industry-leading protection for communications, people, and data. 


The Mimecast X1 Platform:

  • Surrounds communications with continuous protections, applying the right detections at the right time.

  • Allows customers to grow securely and seamlessly and uncover user insights that can accelerate detection and response, providing the foundation for cloud-delivered security at scale.

  • Provides a well-documented, consistent API gateway that enables third-party integrations of all kinds, delivering full extensibility and allowing threat data, policies, and practices to be applied or shared programmatically with other security and data solutions. It also supports accelerated integration with other security tools, such as SIEM, SOAR, XDR, CASB, and more.

Where To Learn More:  International Cyber Expo

To learn more about Mimecast X1, experience a demo of Mimecast Email Security (Express), and explore other Mimecast products and solutions, visit Stand C10 at International Cyber Expo 2022 on Sept 27th and 28th, or visit our website at


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