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05 Jun 2023

Exploring the realities of cyber - Global Cyber Summit 2023

Exploring the realities of cyber - Global Cyber Summit 2023

We are thrilled to be planning the upcoming two-day Global Cyber Summit at International Cyber Expo 2023. As we reflect and review the many call for paper submissions for this year, it is evident the cybersecurity community is eager to engage and discuss the ever pressing issues surrounding the continuously evolving threat landscape. 


Last year’s Summit saw renowned cyber experts gather at Olympia London to deliver a captivating and enlightening schedule of talks that delved into a wide range of topics around real cyber issues impacting the world. The event kicked off with Erika Lewis, Director of Cyber Security and Digital Identity at DCMS, shedding light on the government's cyber priorities. She was followed by Juliette Wilcox, Cyber Security Ambassador at the Department for International Trade, who emphasised the UK's strategy to become a global cyber power by fostering trust and strengthening trade relations. Closing out the day, Daniel Siu, Chief Cryptographer at Arqit Quantum Inc., issued a warning about the impending threat of quantum computing and its potential to render public key encryption and the internet obsolete.


The second day commenced with Peter O'Doherty, Assistant Commissioner of the City of London Police, discussing the latest initiatives in tackling present and future threats. O'Doherty emphasised the need for a collaborative approach to cyber policing, highlighting that it is a challenge that must be addressed collectively as a community.


Diversity and inclusivity within the cybersecurity industry is something that will always be at the forefront of everything we do during the Global Cyber Summit and International Cyber Expo. This year, we’ll yet again be celebrating the individuals from different backgrounds exploring cyber security opportunities. It is important that we embrace this diversity in cybersecurity to secure the industry’s future. 


Our esteemed advisory council plays a crucial role in curating an exceptional cyber content program for the Summit. With their expertise and guidance, we are on a mission to cover many of the challenges the cyber security community faces. The realities of the cyber threat landscape and countering it remains at the core of the Global Cyber Summit. 


Uniquely, this year's Global Cyber Summit will focus on the Russian cyber attacks on Ukraine and other regions, offering an Ukrainian perspective. Advisors closely associated with Ukrainian government agencies will provide invaluable insights into the reality and impact of these attacks on critical infrastructure and businesses. Additionally, the Summit will shed light on significant legislative changes that affect the cybersecurity landscape. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the rationale behind these legislative measures through the firsthand accounts of those involved in their drafting.


The Global Cyber Summit serves as a platform for meaningful discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among cybersecurity professionals from around the world. Other themes will range from the cyber skills gap to the implications of artificial intelligence (AI), including cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT. This year's Summit promises to be an unparalleled experience.


Each day of this year’s Summit will feature roundtable discussions, fireside chats, and presentations, featuring high-level insights from high profile cybersecurity professionals, law enforcement agencies, and intelligence organisations responsible for understanding the genuine threats we face. 


Whether you're a CISO, board member, or an industry professional, this Summit offers valuable insights and knowledge to help protect government institutions, research organisations, enterprises, and SMEs.


Join us at the Global Cyber Summit as we explore the realities of cyber threats and delve into the strategies and solutions necessary to safeguard our interconnected world. Together, we can shape a resilient and secure digital future.


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