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ICE 2022


Panel | NCSC For Startups: How Innovative SMEs are working with the NCSC to solve some of the UK’s most important Cyber challenges

28 Sep 2022
Tech Hub Stage 2022

In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from three NCSC For Startups alumni as they share their growth journeys during their time on the programme, alongside the lessons learned that every cyber startup needs to know.

We’ll also explore the current state of the cyber accelerator ecosystem and where startups can find the best funding and strategic support, with Riz Noor sharing his experiences at Techstars, CyLon, Tessian and more.

Ruby Motabhoy, Innovation Lead - Plexal
Vivian Dufour, CEO - Meterian
Chris Wallis, Founder - Intruder
Riz Noor, Director - Plexal
Giles Watkins, CEO - Syntegra
Berta Pappenheim, CEO - CyberFish

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Tech Hub Stage

ICE 2022