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ICE 2022


The Dilemma of the Empty Room

27 Sep 2022
Tech Hub Stage 2022

In six steps, Rowan will consider the misgivings of conventional security risk management (i.e., the desire to lead conversations around security with a technology-first approach whilst ignoring the fundamentals) and introduce cyber-security in terms of this dilemma instead: exactly how should we secure an empty room?

Thinking beyond the obvious and focusing on context rather than generalisations, the empty room concept allows security professionals to think much more granularly. Rowan will go on to explain how to influence organisational conditions so that your organisation has a secure production capability for creating the only thing it needs to create: value.If you’re sick and tired of listening to the same re-hashed, generic security advice, we recommend you don’t miss this talk.

Rowan Troy, Senior Security Consultant - Littlefish

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Tech Hub Stage

ICE 2022