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PANEL | Cyber ASAP Alumni. - Introduced by Stuart Peters

27 Sep 2023
Tech Hub Stage 2023

Hear short presentations from these Cyber ASAP Alumni

Silver Bullets Are For Werewolves, Not Cyber!  - Sarah Knowles

  • The importance of less is more
  • Why governance and compliance don't have to be difficult
  • How to make cyber security fit your business, whatever the size

Cybersecurity for AI - Dr Peter Garraghan 

  • Explain what is cyber security for AI, and the risks facing your organization
  • Understand the types of attacks and vulnerabilities present within AI/ML (notably LLMs)
  • Determine what your organization should be doing to manage their AI risk

Conducting Rigorous and Robust Online Investigations with OSIRT - Dr Joseph Williams 

  • Comprehensive capabilities of OSIRT: Understand how OSIRT offers an all-in-one solution for thorough online investigations
  • Efficiency through innovation: Discover how OSIRT's innovative features optimise investigation workflows for increased efficiency
  • Collaborative law enforcement support: Learn about the importance of collaborating with law enforcement agencies and tailoring OSIRT to their specific needs


Stuart Peters, Head of Cyber Resilience Policy - Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT)
Peter Garraghan, CEO - Mindgard
Dr Joseph Williams, CTO - OSIRT Ltd
Sarah Knowles, Co-Founder - Shift Key Cyber