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Fortifying the Future: Cybersecurity Innovators of Scotland

27 Sep 2023
Tech Hub Stage 2023

Scotland's cybersecurity ecosystem is ripe with visionary start-ups and established firms that have harnessed cutting-edge technologies to create formidable defences against cyber threats. Hear short presentation from these innovative companies crafting products that provide next-gen solutions that tackle everything from hacking threats to data encryption.

SafeShark - Jonathan Marshall

  • Learn how proven financial security models can be applied to consumer electronics
  • This Automated Cybersecurity Testing dramatically reduces time and cost for manufacturers ensuring devices conform to new and proposed cybersecurity requirements

CyberShell Solutions – Tayyaba Nafees

  • Embedding security measures into development can cause issues such as slow scanning, difficulty integrating into development pipeline, lack of support on fixing vulnerabilities
  • CyberShell’s SaaS platform scans code at the very early stages of development, in a fraction of seconds
  • Advanced AI-powered DAST scanner quickly finds and remediates security risks, reduces the 90% false positive, and empowers developers to understand cyber vulnerabilities

LastingAsset – Nanik Ramchandani

  • How do you know with certainty that the person calling you is who they claim to be?
  • LastingAsset’s core solution focuses on helping enterprises protect customers from scammers impersonating the business
  • Combining advanced cryptographic tools with verifiable credentials allows the receiver of the call to cryptographically verify the caller

Lupovis – Xavier Bellekens

  • For a truly resilient cybersecurity strategy, employ defence and offence
  • Lupovis’ cloud-based system of interconnected decoys lures attackers, buying security teams time to mount an effective response
  • A global threat intelligence feed comprises of an API that can be queried to determine if an attacker is likely to be malicious and help expose past actions– Mark Lamb

A single platform for SMEs to understand and reduce their cybersecurity risks.

  • Understand and reduce organisational cybersecurity risks
  • Taking out the complexity and simplifying the journey by addressing challenges like tool exhaustion, resource constraints, and one-size-fits-all solutions
  • Effective stakeholder management whether dealing with board members or clients

Cybernitics – Silvio Carinhas

  • The ever-changing cybersecurity landscape requires constant evolving and adapting
  • The unique Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution offers a high level of security, designed to be reliable and scalable
  • Ideal for businesses with a distributed workforce, allowing users to securely access applications and data from anywhere, on any device
Mark Lamb, CEO/Founder -
Nanik Ramchandani, CEO - LastingAsset
Silvio Carinhas, Managing Director (Co-Founder) - Cybernitics
Jonathan Marshall, Founder - SafeShark
Dr Tayyaba Nafees, CEO - Cybershell Solutions
Xavier Bellekens - lupovis