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PANEL | Cyber Runway Alumuni - Introduced by Daljinder Mattu

26 Sep 2023
Tech Hub Stage 2023

Hear short presentations from these Cyber Runway Alumni.

The Evolution of Cyber Threat Intelligence - Iain Johnston

  • The evolving face of cyber threat intelligence
  • Operating at the pace of the adversary
  • Good AI to counter Bad and Malicious AI
  • Proactive Prevention of a Cyber Attack  

Utilizing Quantum Security Technologies to Empower Our Cybersecurity Capability - George Dunlop 

  • What are Quantum Security Technologies?
  • When is the Right Time to Consider Building Capability in Quantum Secure Solutions?
  • What are the implementations and essential considerations of utilizing quantum security technologies now?  

Unlocking Your Global Data Sets: Secure & Controlled Access  - Jonathan Farina 

  • Understanding of some of the complex challenges of managing international data, touching on privacy regulations, cross-border data transfers, and the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape
  • New insights and practical solutions to the challenges of global data sets
  • Real-life examples that showcase WCKD RZR's own approach to addressing these issues 

Cyber Insurance: Is it a carrot or stick for SMEs? - Dr Clare Ryan

  • Why cyber insurance costs have risen over the past 24 months
  • The role of risk rating for underwriters
  • The future of cyber insurance for SMEs 
Daljinder Mattu, Senior Policy Advisor for the West Midlands - Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT)
Jonathan Farina, Co-Founder & CTO - WCKD RZR
Clare Ryan, CEO & Co-Founder - CYBRISC
Iain Johnston, Managing Director, UK & Europe - Blackwired Ltd
George Dunlop, Cofounder & Director of Partnerships - Quantum Dice Ltd