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26 Sep 2023
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    • Which industries have the highest password reuse & darknet exposure rates
    • Popular (stolen) passwords influenced by the year’s most talked about people and events
    • The proliferation of infostealer malware to siphon fresh authentication, cloud app & session cookie data from managed & unmanaged devices to bypass MFA and launch session hijacking & ransomware attacks
    • How proper awareness, automated preventative response, and complete remediation of malware-infected devices lead to better security defenses, no matter the industry or sector  
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    • The cybersecurity marketplace is filled with numerous security vendors, leading to a sense of overwhelm
    • The abundance of options can be distracting, with the allure of new and flashy tools
    • Rob Allen offers insights on the true purpose of cybersecurity
    • The presentation aims to demonstrate how understanding this purpose can provide operational advantages today.  
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    In this session we look at how micro-segmentation takes an explicit positive security approach, reducing the internal attack surface and blast radius, for effective ransomware protection and breach containment across on-prem, containers, multi-cloud and IoT/OT.

    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    In this talk, Dominic Carroll, Portfolio Director for e2e-assure's Threat Detection & Response offering, discusses if MDR services have evolved to match the current threat landscape or are providers failing to fulfil the promises made by MSSPs offering SOC services 15 years ago?  
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    As organizations have raced to build a security strategy that evades bad actors and stays ahead of emerging threats, tools are an important component to include and optimize. But having telemetry tools isn't the same as using the telemetry the tools provide. You can't ignore parts of your environment without consequences. ​

    ​Single Source Telemetry will never be enough. Arctic Wolf uses all of the telemetry sources from your tools to paint the bigger picture and proactively improve your posture over time. ​

    ​See more, use more.

    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    As APIs have become the backbone of modern applications and threat actors are increasingly targeting them. Whether it be to exfiltrate data, take control of critical systems, or disrupt key business services or digital supply chains, threat actors have taken notice and they see APIs as a prosperous attack vector. You’ll gain valuable insights into API security and learn proactive measures to safeguard your APIs. By understanding the challenges posed by API attacks, you’ll understand the best strategies to protect your organization.  

    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    Encryption has come along way from the tool of choice for top secret state affairs to solutions everybody can find in their smartphones and messaging apps. However, not all encryption is created equal and in a lot of cases you don’t get the security that was promised. From bad implementation to backdoors to over-complicated usability - there are many reasons your most valuable data might end up unprotected.
    In this session, we will talk about what you should look for when choosing an encryption solution for your needs.

    Learn more about:

    • The finer details of true end-to-end encryption
    • How zero knowledge can improve your sleep
    • How only ease of use can eliminate the human factor
    • How breaches of encrypted data can still ruin security and why key rotation is key
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    The talk on "Enhancing Cyber Investigations with Maltego" explores the transformative impact of Maltego, a dynamic cyber investigation tool. Demonstrating its prowess in data aggregation, analysis, and visualization, the talk illustrates how Maltego empowers investigators to efficiently unearth hidden connections across diverse data sources.

    Real-world use cases underscore its effectiveness in uncovering cyber threats, equipping attendees to elevate their investigative methodologies for stronger cybersecurity.  

    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    • Challenges faced by UK PLC with the 'Distributed Edge'
    • How Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) can help consolidate security posture
    • How SASE enables a zero-trust architecture approach   
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    Recent studies from leading industry analysts have emphasized a shift in mindset regarding security awareness at the boardroom level. After a decade of emphasizing compliance, security awareness has enabled organizations to meet compliance objectives, but it hasn't effectively reduced the human layer risk, considering the escalating costs and frequency of cyber attacks.

    An evolution in Security Awareness has been upon us, moving towards a new category of Human Risk Management. This presentation will be focused on how organisations can deploy a crawl, walk, run approach to move beyond compliance based initiatives using security and culture programmes.


    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    • Current threat landscape and how it is changing
    • How bad actors are using AI to increase the effectiveness of attacks
    • The stages of an AI driven attack and how to combat each stage
    • How to use AI to increase defence posture   
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    • How does exposure management differ from vulnerability management, and why is it important for organisations?
    • What are the key components of a successful Continuous Exposure and Threat Management (CTEM) program and how do they enhance your organisation's cybersecurity posture?
    • Learn to implement continuous exposure management in your organisation through a structured program that maps the attack surface, prioritises high-risk vulnerabilities, and takes proactive action to address critical exposures.  
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    Tines is no-code automation platform for your security teams. From start-ups to the Fortune 10, the world's best security teams trust Tines to powerfully manage their mission-critical workflows. This presentation will discuss Tines SOC Automation Capability Matrix, a framework for deciding what to automate. The Matrix is a culmination of the last five years helping hundreds of companies and government organisations get started and build upon their existing automations.

    In this presentation, Thomas, Tines Co-Founder, will discuss how customers build smart, secure workflows with Tines, showcasing the unique features of our platform.

    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    Attendees will learn:

    • Why stopping 99% of email attacks isn’t good enough to protect organizations
    • The benefits and potential risks of adding orchestrated tools to the security stack
    • How employees can be transformed from a cybersecurity risk to a valuable asset   
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    Hear short presentations from these Cyber Runway Alumni.

    The Evolution of Cyber Threat Intelligence - Iain Johnston

    • The evolving face of cyber threat intelligence
    • Operating at the pace of the adversary
    • Good AI to counter Bad and Malicious AI
    • Proactive Prevention of a Cyber Attack  

    Utilizing Quantum Security Technologies to Empower Our Cybersecurity Capability - George Dunlop 

    • What are Quantum Security Technologies?
    • When is the Right Time to Consider Building Capability in Quantum Secure Solutions?
    • What are the implementations and essential considerations of utilizing quantum security technologies now?  

    Unlocking Your Global Data Sets: Secure & Controlled Access  - Jonathan Farina 

    • Understanding of some of the complex challenges of managing international data, touching on privacy regulations, cross-border data transfers, and the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape
    • New insights and practical solutions to the challenges of global data sets
    • Real-life examples that showcase WCKD RZR's own approach to addressing these issues 

    Cyber Insurance: Is it a carrot or stick for SMEs? - Dr Clare Ryan

    • Why cyber insurance costs have risen over the past 24 months
    • The role of risk rating for underwriters
    • The future of cyber insurance for SMEs 


    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    Discover how you can practically set up a Zero Trust platform that:

    • Enforces least privilege access for JUST the time of use
    • Connect users only according to the user/device context
    • Limit access to the functions needed to be used on an IT resource.   
27 Sep 2023
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    As we transform our business models to deliver more agile services the increasing threat of ransomware can potentially disrupt those services causing an impact on society.  While we can continue to spend more money, a shift in thinking to Zero Trust is more effective and saves money. In this session we will address:

    • How to identify and define risk 
    • How to reduce the attack surface
    • How to contain a ransomware attack · How to respond and restore services during an attack  
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    • Understand attack vectors on mobile devices and how to cover them
    • Update on the current threat landscape for mobile devices
    • Get an overview of options to increase your mobile security posture 
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    • Gain insights into the continuously changing cyber threat landscape, enabling you to anticipate and adapt to emerging risks
    • Develop a practical approach to identifying and prioritizing cyber risks
    • Discover effective methods to allocate cybersecurity budgets intelligently
    • Understand the role of AI in cybersecurity
    • Cheat sheet for reporting to the Board   
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    Cynet’s session will share insights on today’s greatest cyber threats and provide tips and strategies on how to prevent them

    We’ll share:

    • Market trends, the impact of AI on offensive security
    • Real-world threats identified by our threat intel team
    • Simple steps to prepare & protect yourself

    Cynet protects endpoints, users, networks, and SaaS and cloud applications with 24/7 security analysts (MDR) and automation

    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    • Learn how businesses use quantitative methods to gauge economic fallout from cyber threats, progressing from qualitative evaluations to data-based choices
    • See actual instances of using quantitative risk assessments for prioritizing mitigation, resource allocation, and cybersecurity management
    • Examine varied effects of cyber threats, including financial losses, reputation damage, and customer attrition, for a comprehensive grasp of bottom-line repercussions
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    Uber, CircleCI, and Toyota shared a common security issue: hardcoded plaintext credentials in their systems, causing leaks or aiding breaches. While understanding this problem is easy, its extent, growth rate, and persistence raise questions.
    • Delve into the biggest secrets sprawl research, analyzing 1.027 billion GitHub commits
    • Uncover the escalating situation, its origins, and frequently implicated secret types in this session
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    Learn more about the human aspect of security behaviours and attitudes. Specifically, the gap or disconnect between knowledge and action.
    We share the insights gained from the research, done in partnership with National Cybersecurity Alliance. This research report series is the first of its kind, and seeks to examine cybersecurity attitudes and behaviours of the general public, shedding light on one of the most important aspects of cyber risk - the human factor.  
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023
    • How does exposure management differ from vulnerability management, and why is it important for organisations?
    • What are the key components of a successful Continuous Exposure and Threat Management (CTEM) program and how do they enhance your organisation's cybersecurity posture?
    • Learn to implement continuous exposure management in your organisation through a structured program that maps the attack surface, prioritises high-risk vulnerabilities, and takes proactive action to address critical exposures.  
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    Scotland's cybersecurity ecosystem is ripe with visionary start-ups and established firms that have harnessed cutting-edge technologies to create formidable defences against cyber threats. Hear short presentation from these innovative companies crafting products that provide next-gen solutions that tackle everything from hacking threats to data encryption.

    SafeShark - Jonathan Marshall

    • Learn how proven financial security models can be applied to consumer electronics
    • This Automated Cybersecurity Testing dramatically reduces time and cost for manufacturers ensuring devices conform to new and proposed cybersecurity requirements

    CyberShell Solutions – Tayyaba Nafees

    • Embedding security measures into development can cause issues such as slow scanning, difficulty integrating into development pipeline, lack of support on fixing vulnerabilities
    • CyberShell’s SaaS platform scans code at the very early stages of development, in a fraction of seconds
    • Advanced AI-powered DAST scanner quickly finds and remediates security risks, reduces the 90% false positive, and empowers developers to understand cyber vulnerabilities

    LastingAsset – Nanik Ramchandani

    • How do you know with certainty that the person calling you is who they claim to be?
    • LastingAsset’s core solution focuses on helping enterprises protect customers from scammers impersonating the business
    • Combining advanced cryptographic tools with verifiable credentials allows the receiver of the call to cryptographically verify the caller

    Lupovis – Xavier Bellekens

    • For a truly resilient cybersecurity strategy, employ defence and offence
    • Lupovis’ cloud-based system of interconnected decoys lures attackers, buying security teams time to mount an effective response
    • A global threat intelligence feed comprises of an API that can be queried to determine if an attacker is likely to be malicious and help expose past actions– Mark Lamb

    A single platform for SMEs to understand and reduce their cybersecurity risks.

    • Understand and reduce organisational cybersecurity risks
    • Taking out the complexity and simplifying the journey by addressing challenges like tool exhaustion, resource constraints, and one-size-fits-all solutions
    • Effective stakeholder management whether dealing with board members or clients

    Cybernitics – Silvio Carinhas

    • The ever-changing cybersecurity landscape requires constant evolving and adapting
    • The unique Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution offers a high level of security, designed to be reliable and scalable
    • Ideal for businesses with a distributed workforce, allowing users to securely access applications and data from anywhere, on any device
    • Tech Hub Stage 2023

    Hear short presentations from these Cyber ASAP Alumni

    Silver Bullets Are For Werewolves, Not Cyber!  - Sarah Knowles

    • The importance of less is more
    • Why governance and compliance don't have to be difficult
    • How to make cyber security fit your business, whatever the size

    Cybersecurity for AI - Dr Peter Garraghan 

    • Explain what is cyber security for AI, and the risks facing your organization
    • Understand the types of attacks and vulnerabilities present within AI/ML (notably LLMs)
    • Determine what your organization should be doing to manage their AI risk

    Conducting Rigorous and Robust Online Investigations with OSIRT - Dr Joseph Williams 

    • Comprehensive capabilities of OSIRT: Understand how OSIRT offers an all-in-one solution for thorough online investigations
    • Efficiency through innovation: Discover how OSIRT's innovative features optimise investigation workflows for increased efficiency
    • Collaborative law enforcement support: Learn about the importance of collaborating with law enforcement agencies and tailoring OSIRT to their specific needs