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Tech Hub Stage Speaker Presentations

ICE 2022

Tech Hub Stage Speaker Presentations

Attack Tree Analysis: Identifying and Ranking Cyberattack Paths - Martin Watford, Isograph

Isograph 1

Application Security & Future - Frans van Buul, CyberRes

CyberRes 1

Easily Expose Attack Activity Much Earlier and Protect your Business - Chris Roberts, Fortinet


Tech hub 3

Zero Trust for Applications - Ben Jenkins, Threatlocker


Tech hub 4

The Intersection Between Communications - Max Linscott, Mimecast

Tech hub 5

Cyber Runway Startup - Diane Gilbert


Tech hub stage 6

A Better Way? A Specialist Military Operator’s Perspective on Cyber Risk Management in a Rapidly Changing Threat Landscape - Andy Green & Ben Harris, Broad Oak Security

broad oak

Ransomware is Hiding In Your Data Backups - Stopping the Hidden Danger - Pete Nourse, Asigra

Asigra slides

How innovative SMEs are working with the NCSC to solve some of the UK’s most important Cyber challenges 

Plexal 1

Delivering Operational Resilience in an Age of Ransomware & Digital Transformation - Chris Becket, Rubrick



Cyber Runway Grow Cohort Showcase - Arutyun Arutyunyan, Plexal


Snyk’s secret to a better AppSec platform: Think like a developer - Stan Patterson, Snyk

snyk tech hub stage

Activity Clustering: Tracking the Actors Behind the Threats - Josh Davies, Alert Logic

alert logic ths



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Tech Hub Stage Speaker Presentations

ICE 2022