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24 - 25 September 2024 
Olympia London

Grab the Mic: Women in Cyber

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Grab the Mic: Women in Cyber

In collaboration with Assured Intelligence, International Cyber Expo is excited to launch a new event: ‘Grab the Mic: Women in Cyber.’ The 2.5-hour networking event aims to inspire, educate and connect the incredible women (and allies) of the cybersecurity industry. 

Produced and hosted by Eleanor Dallaway, co-founder of Assured and former editor of Infosecurity Magazine, the event will offer an inspirational keynote, a candid panel, and a hell of a lot of advice on how to get your dream job in cyber. Most importantly of all, we promise to give you the time to meet and build relationships with the other brilliant attendees. 

To attend the event, please register HERE. Registration guarantees you entry. Please note you must register to attend the International Cyber Expo for access to Grab the Mic. If you already signed up for International Cyber Expo and checked the box to attend 'Grab the Mic,' there's no need to register for Grab the Mic now.

Tuesday 26 September, 2.00 - 4:30pm. Gallery Level, London Olympia. 

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Sponsored by: exebeam sponsor GTM


Eleanor Dallaway is co-founder of Assured and content director of Assured Intelligence, an editorially-independent cybersecurity content platform for senior execs.

Eleanor has 17 years of experience as a tech journalist. Eleanor served as editor and editorial director of Infosecurity Magazine from 2006 to 2022, during which time she founded the Women in Cybersecurity networking events, advised the Conservative Government on its information security policy and won several awards including the Women of influence award in the US and information security feature of the year.

Eleanor is also published in The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Times and Imbibe.
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Eleanor Dallaway,
Co-founder of Assured & Content Director of Assured Intelligence


Keynote: It Takes Two to Tango (If You Want to Tango Exceptionally Well)

In a break from the norm when it comes to diversity events, ‘Grab the Mic’ is inviting a female-male duo to open our Women in Cyber event. Because this might historically have been a man’s world, but it’s certainly nothing without women or girls!

Steve Moran and Sarah Barclay have worked in cybersecurity teams together at three different companies, including Jaguar Land Rover and Next. With 22 years experience in the military, Steve now champions diversity in the cyber world – NOT to tick boxes, but because he believes in the power of diverse teams.

This session is designed to be an honest take on both the challenges and advantages of gender-balanced teams. Sarah and Steve will openly talk about any hurdles they’ve encountered, and challenges with conflicting communication, management styles or external factors. They will also discuss the ways in which they’ve found success and wins thanks to gender balance and diversity.

Sometimes candid, sometimes fun, always authentic, this session will uniquely identify how men and women can build high-performance teams, even if men are from Mars and women are from Venus….


  • Sarah Barclay, Head of Cyber Security Operations, Sodexo UK&I
  • Steve Moran, CISO, Sodexo


Lightning Talk: From 20,000ft summits to the Amazon! Starring Lisa Forte!

Lisa Forte owns and runs her own cybersecurity consultancy, but that didn’t stop her from taking the summer to work away and climb high altitude peaks and have adventures around Peru and the Amazon. Lisa will deliver a whistlestop tour of her adventures, inspiring the bejeezus out of us as we learn how one woman can overcome fears, work/life balance challenges, and adverse weather conditions including some frostbite to tick off a bucket-list challenge of a lifetime.


  • Lisa Forte, Co-Founder, Red Goat Cyber Security


Panel: How to Land The Job of Your Dreams 

Despite the ever-bemoaned cybersecurity skills gap and the diversity drive in many organisations, many women struggle to land their dream cyber job. So what’s the disconnect?

Uniquely, this panel will be audience-led. There will be no pre-arranged questions asked to each panellist in turn. In this session, the audience will be in charge and invited to ask the diverse panel the questions they want answered.

We’ll have panellists representing the various perspectives of all stakeholders in that mission to match the right people with the right jobs. We’ll hear from a cybersecurity recruiter, a female founder, a hiring manager, a senior industry professional that made it to the Boardroom, and a cybersecurity noobie navigating the first rungs of her career ladder.

Considering that success and dream jobs are very much subjective, this panel can also consider outside factors at play when women design their career paths. Panellists will be willing to discuss how employers can do more to attract incredible female talent that is so often lacking into roles.

Moderator: Eleanor Dallaway


  • Anne Woodley, Senior Security Specialist, Microsoft 
  • Natasha Harley, Cyber Recruitment Specialist, Cyber Talent Partners
  • Palvi Sharma, CAPSLOCK trainee
  • Shelley Langan-Newton, CEO SQR Group
  • Sunaina Ayatn, Cyber Security Consultant, AIRBUS

Networking: You Asked, We Deliver 

We’re fully aware that one of (if not THE) driving factor for women in cybersecurity events is the opportunity to make new friends, build your networks and perhaps even learn of new job opportunities. So we’re building in a very hearty networking session to allow attendees to do just that. Oh, and we’re inviting a load of recruiter friends so that those wishing to heed the advice from the event’s panel can make moves to secure that dream job. 


Steve Moran, Sodexo

Steve Moran is the CISO for Sodexo UK&I. During his 25 years’ experience in the field of IT and Information & Cybersecurity, he has successfully created and executed security strategies and initiatives across a number of regulated private sector and public sector organisations, including the military, where he delivered IT and information security solutions in complex and high-pressure environments. Steve is hugely passionate about building a positive security culture with employees, driving security initiatives that deliver tangible risk reduction, and importantly demonstrating security as a business enabler. Steve holds professional security certifications in CISSP, CISM and CRISC.

Lisa Forte Ski Ski

Lisa Forte is a speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, climber and caver! Lisa is an expert in running cyber crisis simulations and training higher risk staff on insider threats and social engineering. Lisa is the co-founder of Red Goat Cyber Security and passionately supports the “tech for good” philosophy helping smaller charities stay secure. Lisa has starred in several documentary films and is a regular on BBC news, radio and in national papers. 

shelley Langston

Shelley Langan-Newton – CEO of identity verification platform SQR

Shelley started her career in performing arts and then secondary school teaching before changing her career entirely with a move to telecoms. Today, Shelley is the CEO of SQR, which is on a mission to create a safer world by enabling trust and eliminating fraud. 
With its digital identity service, organisations can quickly and effortlessly verify individuals’ identities without storing sensitive documents. SQR’s compliance dashboard provides controlled access to real-time customer information, while the frictionless app triggers instant KYC and AML checks using comprehensive global data. 

Having come from a non-technical background, Shelley’s ethos from performing arts is that collaboration is how to move things along quickly, which she’s keen to do at SQR – while bringing authenticity to the sector.

Anne Woodlery, Microsoft, GTM

Anne Woodley has recently been named one of the Top Inspiring Women in Cyber.  She is a Security Specialist at Microsoft working tirelessly with organisations on their security strategies.  Anne also serves on multiple charity and cybersecurity boards as Trustee / Advisor.  As the founder of the Microsoft UK Women in Security Group and coordinator of the Conversations with Women in Security events, Anne’s passion is to drive gender diversity in the industry and inspire the next generation. 

Palvi Sharma, Capslock

Palvi Sharma is passionate about education and cybersecurity. She is currently studying a cybersecurity bootcamp with CapsLock and looking to gain a role within GRC. Palvi started her career as a Secondary Science teacher, but has an insatiable passion for technology. When Shalvi noticed the lack of cybersecurity within education, she decided to plug that gap! Her end goal is to equip the next generation with the knowledge needed to protect themselves against cyber crime.

Natasha Grab the Mic

Natasha Harley has over two decades of recruitment experience and five years in cybersecurity and is the founder of Cyber Talent Partners. She's passionate about connecting top cybersecurity professionals with forward-thinking organisations. Natasha believes in the transformative power of exceptional talent and is dedicated to creating environments where people can thrive. Her approach prioritises authentic connections and personalised recruitment experiences that go beyond skills to encompass values, goals, and cultural fit. 

Sunaina Aytan

Sunaina Aytan is a cybersecurity consultant at Airbus Protect, member of the UK Cyber Security Council and a STEM ambassador.  

Winner of TechWomen100 2019, Sunaina has been given recognition for her contribution to the women in tech community.

With more than five years of experience in the cyber industry, Sunaina has in-depth knowledge as a  security tester, threat hunter, cloud security and security architect. She helps improve the cyber posture of both internal and external clients and contributes to the wider cyber community through the UK Cyber Security Council. 

Sarah Barclays, GTM

Sarah Barclay is a cybersecurity professional who has worked in the automotive, retail and legal sectors before taking up her role as head of cybersecurity operations for Sodexo UK&I. Sarah has led multiple security culture transformations and is passionate about the interaction between people and security. She makes use of academic research, NCSC best practice and industry knowledge in her approach. At Sodexo, Sarah is responsible for security culture, incident management, security engineering, vulnerability management and threat intelligence. Sarah holds professional certifications in CISA and ITIL.