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26 - 27 September | Olympia London


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Stand: TechUK & ADS Pavilion

UM Labs is a UK based R&D team with the mission to design and develop real-time communications data-in-transit cybersecurity. This development is based on Unicus™, a hardened operating system platform with multi-level security controls, successfully deployed to protect IP based Real-Time Communications (such as VoLTE, VoNR, VoIP and Video, Streaming Video services, IOT). Communications Service Providers (CSP), including national carriers, are migrating away for legacy networks in favour of IP service delivery. This means that corporate UC/phone systems from any vendor are now needing to connect to the global phone network via an IP service offered that replaces SS7/PSTN, ISDN and into 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, Broadband Voice, SIP Trunking, OpenRan etc. At the same time end-user organisations are exploiting the IP connectivity to enable remote and roaming users to connect directly to the corporate systems. This, coupled with the growth of conferencing service such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom increases the risk of cyber-attacks on real-time communication (RTC) services with the resulting loss of confidentiality and integrity of those services or even a complete loss of service. The threats facing these mission critical services operate at multiple levels. Unicus™ implements multi-level security controls to counter these threats. The design incorporates Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning techniques to optimise the detection and blocking of attacks. These controls map into the OSI 7-layer model ensuring protection for communications content and control data. The design is unique and protects real-time communication (RTC) services on Internet Protocol (IP) networks and to allow connections over those networks to enterprise/public sector/mission critical communication services, compliant under NIS. The design has multi-level intelligent (AI/ML) responses to a larger attack surface spanning all standard IP protocol levels. Security controls at this level are essential as UK critical national infrastructure including mobile and fixed services will be fully IP based by 2025. SNITCH is a global discovery data base which works in tandem with UNICUS to show global IP call fraud attacks, now running at nealy 5 billion attacks globally.




2-6 Boundary Row
South Bank
United Kingdom
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    23 Aug 2022
    UNICUS UOS, SNITCH and SVSS are all part of the UM-Labs R&D platform, which can secure any standards based data in transit end to end. UM-Labs is a UK R&D group working in the defence and mission crit ...


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