27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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The Future of Threat Intelligence | Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill Stand: B51

With the maturity of machine learning, NLP and big data, Cybersixgill takes a quantum leap into the next stage of the threat intelligence evolution. Powered by the most comprehensive, automated collection of threat intelligence from the underground, Cybersixgill provides exclusive and real-time access to the largest data lake of deep, dark and clear web activity - with an archive of intel from as early as the 1990s. Unlike other solutions that rely heavily on humans, Cybersixgill’s collection and correlation is 100% automated – it minimizes human errors, reduces false-positives and increases analyst productivity.

The culmination and combination of these technologies provides an automated solution that is hyper scalable and fully covert, increasing security teams’ confidence in their ability to fight fraud, maximize incident response and preemptively protect their organization’s critical assets.

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