27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022




  • Dencrypt secure communication

    10 May 2021 Jørgen Andersen
    Dencrypt A/S provides secure mobile voice / video calls and secure instant messaging on iOS or Android smartphones for users in the defence, government, police, and corporations. The company’s innovat ...
  • In today’s cloud-first, mobile-first world, dependency on Active Directory is rapidly growing—and so is the attack surface. How can you defend the keys to your kingdom against the backdrop of escalati ...
  • CENSUS is an industry’s research driven, high-end information security services firm with a proven history of better securing our customers through real-world scenarios created by our security experts ...
  • Who Are PointWire

    14 Jun 2021
  • Protecting on-screen data with 3M Privacy Filters keeps the public’s information private from the prying eyes of visual hackers. They can also be an important step in helping to supplement your compli ...
  • RevBits Email Security endpoint-based algorithmic analysis detects and blocks the more sophisticated phishing and page impersonations Cyber attacks which typically bypass incumbent gateway solutions. 
  • RevBits Endpoint Security/EDR conducts a three-phased analysis on new executables and includes the most comprehensive robust EDR solution in the market. Patented technology affords visibility and oper ...
  • RevBits Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a comprehensive access management solution that includes: privileged access management; privileged session management; password management; service accoun ...
  • RevBits Deception Technology, an effective early warning notification system, is the only deception solution on the market with dual-layer virtualisation and real honeypot servers. Modus operandi mini ...
  • RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (‘CIP’) single sign-on environment allows administrators to manage all RevBits solutions through a custom-built unified analytics dashboard for cross-platform alert ...
  • Welcome to Boxcrytor!

    Today we will show you how easy it is to keep your files secure in the cloud by encrypting them with Boxcryptor.


  • This is Boxcryptor. The leading end-to-end encryption solution for more than 30 cloud providers, “Made in Germany”.

    Find out more about Boxcryptor by visiting

  • It is now 10 years since Boxcryptor was founded. CEO Andrea Pfundmeier and CTO Robert Freudenreich met with moderator Alissa Stein for a talk to mark the occasion. 

  • CEO & Founder David Gugelmann introduces Exeon Analytics AG in 47 seconds.
  • Isograph’s AttackTree software provides a powerful and user-friendly environment to construct and analyze attack trees.

  • The Inzpire UAS Mission Training Device is a targeted fidelity simulator training system providing cost-effective capability for training across all UAV and RPAS operational environments.

  • M2M SIMs - How cellular IoT works using Global SIMs? Powered by M2M Data Connect
  • Welcome To The Future of Threat Intelligence: Real-Time, Omni-Channel, Automated Collection.

  • Our new Pentest-as-a-Service 

  • Check out the new “Boxcryptor for macOS” video to learn how easy it is to protect your private or business files with encryption.

  • A look into the #Boxcryptor engine room.

  • Smart Transport Solutions

    20 Sep 2021 Leonardo Cyber Security