27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Boxcryptor Stand: B52

Whisply is the second product by Secomba GmbH – the developers behind Boxcryptor. With Whisply files can be send directly in the browser – protected by AES-256 end-to-end encryption. The user doesn’t have to download and install any software. The download link that Whisply generates for the receiver of the file can be sent via a channel of choice, with optional PIN or password protection.

All of that works simple and fast. The only precondition is that the sender has either a Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive account. However, the receiver of the file does not need cloud access. 

How Whisply originated: Transferring files securely often fails because of the fact that both parties – the sender and the receiver – have to have access to the same encryption program. Encrypted email, for example, only works secure and uncomplicated when both parties use the same mail provider. The developers of Boxcryptor were aware of the limitation, too. Their users were only able to share secure files with other Boxcryptor users. 

To enhance the functionality and safety of their user’s experience, the Boxcryptor team developed Whisply. Now, Boxcryptor users and cloud users can share files with friends or colleagues that don’t have access to a cloud, or a Boxcryptor account. 

Whisply is based on the zero knowledge principle. This means that nobody but the sender and the person, whom the link is shared with, can access the files sent. Nobody, without exception. Not even the developers of Whisply.

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