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ICE 2022

12 Sep 2022

Policy Monitor will be launching Cyber Security Policy Monitor (CSPM)

Policy Monitor Stand: B60 IASME Pavilion

CSPM enables organisations to:

  • Locate relevant knowledge by consolidating relevant and useful sites into a single portal from which they can be accessed
  • Define their own security policy as a series of simple workflows covering cyber security awareness and training, preventative tasks and how to respond to incidents.  The status of assets is listed in CSPM, which schedules regular tasks or initiates tasks in response to an event to implement the security policy
  • Run through the pre-loaded IASME questions, prepare a response and load it into the IASME portal for assessment by Policy Monitor’s consultants, who are an IASME certification body
  • Link IASME responses to the company’s security policy and prove that it complies with IASME throughout the year
  • Show an audit trail to prove compliance during the year
  • Integrate with external asset management and cyber security technology so that the risks identified are consolidated into a single picture visible on the dashboard
  • An at-a-glance KPI dashboard shows management a full cyber security status overview enabling the board to monitor compliance across the business and take action before policies are breached.

Cyber Essentials and IASME templates are pre-loaded to embed cyber security best practice and help define, implement and monitor security policies.  There are also US, NIST and HIPAA templates and additional templates which can be created to meet customer needs.

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Exhibitor Products

ICE 2022