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Securing our digital world

24 - 25 September 2024 
Olympia London

CrisisCast demonstration featuring Cyber Prism

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CrisisCast demonstration featuring Cyber Prism

Live Cyber Attack Demonstrator

CrisisCast will take attendees behind the scenes to demonstrate the real-life workings of a cyber attack through a highly immersive, real-time, theatrical demonstration featuring Cyber Prism. Set on a revolving stage the demonstration will provide:

  • Insights into the steps taken by hackers
  • Witness the response from a boardroom under attack
  • Discover the steps businesses can take to protect themselves, detect incoming threats and gain invaluable insights.

In partnership with

CrisisCastCrisisCast is working closely again this year with world-leading cyber security exhibitors and Nineteen Group to deliver a highly immersive, real-time cyber-attack on an eminent retail chain. Incorporating hi-tech stage and film techniques, visitors to the exhibit will be able to see and understand the psychology and motivating factors behind the attack from two perspectives at once – the attackers and the entity’s boardroom. 

In a highly insightful evolution of normal exhibition methods, visitors will be engaged in dialogue by both sides of the attack – and lines of communication, defence postures and aggressive cyber hits will unfold in a gripping, high-octane scenario that will extract the key human behavioural aspects of cyber security and match these with insights from the world’s greatest cyber security providers.

Featuring Cyber Prism 

cyber prisimCyber Prism Limited provides SaaS solutions backed by best-in-class client services to protect Operational Technology and associated IT.  The company brings together high level cyber security experts and senior Government security professionals.  Chris Griffiths, the Chair, is an engineer and businessman who took his first company to IPO; Martin Smith, the MD, commanded Britain’s 7,000 Royal Marines; and Nick McLauchlan, the CTO, is an experienced designer and auditor of control and automation networks with a 20 year track record in Critical National Infrastructure.  We are dedicated to reducing the burden of OT security; generating cost-effective, client-specific security.

The Cyber Prism Platform reduces the resources required to re-establish safety and security in the face of current threats to vulnerable Operational Technology.  Incorporating OT – compatible network visibility, alerting, incident response, and protection of devices and systems; it is low-risk, employing tried and tested technology, and compatible with any OEM’s equipment.  Human experience and judgement are key to the Platform, which is backed by our proven expertise, born of decades spent protecting Critical National Infrastructure.  We reduce the scale of the task and allow people to do what they do best:  take control.