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Securing our digital world

24 - 25 September 2024 
Olympia London


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Developing you Cyber Security knowledge

CREST has partnered with International Cyber Expo 2023 and will be offering free-to-attend workshops hosted by their member companies across the two days of the event, focusing on strategies to tackle cyber threats and attacks, and prevention strategies to implement and get ahead of cyber attackers.

These hands-on and interactive workshops will give you a clear insight into proactive approaches to combating modern cyber threats.

In addition, these sessions will allow those preparing for CREST examinations to exercise their skills, and improve capabilities in line with the certification framework. 

CREST has a pavilion at the event where you can talk to CREST members and CREST.  So please visit stand R50.



JUMPSEC - How to Perform a Security Incident Response Tabletop Exercise Workshop
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26 September, 10:30 – 12:30

Conducting regular security incident response tabletop exercises prepares your organisation for ransomware or other types of cyber-attacks. Just having an incident response team to deal with cyber threats is not adequate anymore. Simulation exercises are vital to the wellbeing of any business today.

You will be part of an interactive crisis simulation tabletop exercise where we simulate a scenario to work through. 

Just bring an open mind, a phone, have some fun and work through a series of multiple-choice questions where you work through a scenario. 

The session will provide you with the tips you need to go back to your business and evaluate your organisations preparedness in the event of an Incident.


  • Matt Lawrence (CTO)
  • Harry Senior (Detection and Response Lead)
  • Max Corbridge (Head of Adversarial Simulation.​​​)

Link to Registration:


QUORUM CYBER - From Chaos to Control: Strategic Decision-Making in Cyber Crisis Management

Quorum Cyber

26 September, 13:00 – 15:00

Going beyond the breach itself, a workshop focused on strategic decision-making for comprehensive incident recovery. It covers remediation strategies, restoration efforts, and the critical task of learning from the incident to prevent future occurrences and improve the organisation's overall cyber resilience.


  • Mark Cunningham-Dickie (Senior Consultant Incident Response),
  • Ryan Standbridge (Senior Consultant Incident Response)

Link to Registration:


DIGITALXRAID - Are You Playing the Wrong Game When It Comes to Cybersecurity?
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27 September, 11:30 – 13:30

When it comes to cyber maturity, do you feel like you’re playing a game of risk? 

By taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity measures, businesses can reduce fines, reduce insurance premiums and control costs.   
In addition to reduced costs, businesses can also benefit from improved risk management, increased customer confidence, and enhanced business resilience.  

But where should the game begin? Join us in a game of Cyber Fortress. 

You’ll benefit from working with guest attendees, alongside industry experts, all being put to the test across different levels to manage risk in a range of scenarios.   

The session will provide opportunities for discussion with industry peers and a panel of guest experts across a range of proactive measures. 

Session takeaways include: 

  • How to defend businesses against a range of risks, considering business resources 
  • How to get buy in from the board for cybersecurity programmes 
  • How proactive cybersecurity can reduce business costs and deliver ROI 
  • A wider understanding of cyber maturity steps and the tools needed to protect your assets
  • Cybersecurity as a lever for business growth 


  • Rick Jones (CEO)

Link to registration: